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gosh. i wanna dye my hair brownn!
why do government schools disallow students to dye hair.


anyways, im in a good mood todayyyy! :D
i seriously think i have mood swings cause i also dont know why im in a good mood today.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D :D :D

anyways, wanted to go out the poly open houses today! last day! but then... my mum disallowed. as expected. cause she wants me to go JC! biaseddd. then earlier on a fren of mine asked me to go out for a movie, was intending to reject it cause i suspose my mum wouldnt allow. who knows.. i told her about the two plans lahhs.

then she miraculously said : i rather u go movie than poly open house.

LOL. right then, i was about to reject my friend's offer as well. stay at home hibernate. hahaha. so ended up meeting my frens at plaza sing, PC Bunk. met up with rafi, rod and two other girls whom i dont know. hehs. then rafi was like saying : wahh u finally came out. asked you over the past 3 months already!!! LOL.

went to check the movie time slots but its either the tickets are sold, or there are no nice movies. ended up at parklane there play pool. again. hahahah. i lost so many rounds to rafi! roarr roarr. he so tyco de lahhs! played till 6+ before going back to bunk again. walk around there see people play com, while rod introduced me some players. hahaha. homed! :D

wanted to rush home to housework. but back at home im lazy again. LOL. so housework postponed till tmr! :DDDD

and since i at nothing better to do at home..


haha. i remembered the other time when i posted a pict of myself in short hair, some of my readers really believed i went to chop my hair off. LOL. but just in case you guys are wondering,


:x hehs. i still love my long hair, okay?! no short hair :D

* && my aunt just told me i need not go back to work anymoreee! :DD
happy x100000000!
she said her boss dowan those who come just a few days per week. (i was thinking of alternating with deyi) so.... deyi will be taking over fully!! :D haha. no more shoulder aches!
happy x100000000000000! seriously, this injury has YET to heal. hur hur.

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