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guess you guys can already expect what im gonna blog about! :D
i AM heading for a.........


and yeapps, it will be Ngee Ann Poly! :D but im not gonna say which course im applying to go to, until the results for posting are out. :DD just a tip, it'll be in the business faculty. (:

remember in my last post, where i mentioned that my mum nagged me about going to a junior college for my tertiary educations? i almost succumbbed to that and actually AGREED to going to nyjc. read again,.. i said almost!

cause no matter how many times i tried to have a nice talk with her, it would usually escalate to a quarrel. and moreover, she seemed so adamant on me going to a jc. its like as if pigs would fly if she ever allowed me to go for a poly education. who knows, that night mr koh talked to me on the phone regarding the poly and jc issues. telling me how i should actually approach my mum and all that. her worries, her concerns and etc from an adult's point of view.

what he said really made lots of sense. and anyways,

Thanks alot Mr Koh!!!

if not for his call, i would have long given up about talking to my mum. and so, from his advices, i did lots of researching that night. about the course i want, and many other materials. i listed down from the pros and cons for a JC and Poly education, why i think going to a poly would be better, and why am i rejecting a JC education so much and etc.

i remembered him saying : by showing your mum both sides of the matter without any bias, showing her you've thought hard about your future, thats a sign of maturity. (or something like that)

yea, i must agree that my mum was worried about my future, and thats why she insisted on a JC route. im still like a kid throwing tantrums about what i want. but i guess another point is MONEY matters. its a fact that one would need more money for a poly education, assuming that there's no financial aid or something.

and so.. i even went to find out about the fees for a JC, Poly, and a 2/3 year Uni education!

the next night, i talked to her. with all my findings and reasonings. LOL. why this, why that. talked for quite a while, she still seemed unconvinced. (-.-) cause the main thing now is money matters, and we cant be sure how much financial aid we can actually get, the tutition loan schemes and etc. i was like saying : die liao die liao. say so much still no use.

who knows, a call came. LOL. (things at home always changes drastically after a call - refer to my previous post) just as i thought she was brainwashed again, making all my efforts futile,


guess my uncle called to tell her about some financial schemes and etc. see, i tell no use. show her the webpage also no use. must my uncle (who's teaching at ngee ann) to tell then got use. LOL.

and there, she mentioned this is the only chance she's giving me. if i cant get in the course i want, its back to nanyang. okay so now i prayy a million times harder that i get in.

Replies to tags!

xiong- hahahs. its okay. :D go out soon!

CY- ehh. chingyuk. i thought u're in DPA le?

shawn, andy, homehh, cassandra, zhiyan- yea thanks! (: im alot better now. thanks for the concern and everything! loves!

Hey - yupps i knew. thanks anyways. (:

Passerby - ohh. jurong jc is abit far from where i stayy.. nevermind laa its alrights. im heading for a poly! :D thanks for ur concernn. appreciated it. (: jiayous on your english too!

Anon- yupps i know.. but luckily she listened to what i have to sayy. (: im gonna head for what i want! :D thanks alot anyways!

Jenny - jenny! first time i ever see u here. pleasant surprise! hmmms, yea thanks alot! :D im much better now alreadyy. where are u heading? (:

*im going back to work on monday! oh noo.

**anyways, THANKS alot to Meiling and Songrong who lent me their JAE2009 booklets! :D

***thanks alot to Hannah as well who wrote me an email! loves!

****ok this is specially for someone whom i have no idea if the person would actually chance on this. im grateful for your words of concerns that day and im fine now. really. and i hope you would actually pick up my meaning when i did not reply ur smses or calls. thanks alot anyways, and please stop inquiring about my private life. thanks many.

*****i wanna change my tagboard to those "leave a comment" type! but i just cant get it done. ahhhh! anyone knows how to use the commenting kit available at
http://www.haloscan.com/ ?

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