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hahah. i think some people are going to be so irritated due to my recent books-related posts! LOL. *looks at jonathon kaixun and shengxiong.

okay basically, im just gonna update on the post where i mentioned im giving out my textbooks, guidebooks, and ecetra.

#8 ) Physics guideboook. -reserved-

#9) 10 yr series SS -reserved-
#10) 10 yr series geog -reserved-
#12) 10 yr series english -reserved-
#13) Challenging essays -reserved-

#11) Maths 10yr series -reserved-

okay so for the rest, please take a look. or else they're gonna end up in the bin!

Replies to tags!

Shawn- lololol. i reply like this more taxing can? ==

Andy - errrr. no laa. actually i threw away alot already. but these are like pretty new. cant bear to throw them! and horrrrrr. prepare for my phone call la! i feel like eating swensens then call u. LOL. for crystal jade restaurant? din tai fung? which one?!?! *ponders.

Xiong - bear with it baa. XD hahaha.

Kaixun- wahhh! you want die issit! roarrrrr.

Matthew- what wordyy! never take much pictures these few days ma. hahahs okay! :D

Zhiyan- only managed to look during lunch time. hehs. :b

SL - uhhh.. pretty bad for me. shall blog about it soon, after my posting results. till then, come back see luh xD

by the way.. JAE posting results will be out only on the 30th January. (why so late?! i thought JC's gonna start on 2nd Feb..) okay alot of you have been asking for my results. but personally, i think there's nothing good to mention about, as i've done pretty badly, given the expectations and for myself.

so... come back on 30th Jan luhs. (: let you all see my pretty pretty result slip alrights :D

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