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hmmm. actually dont feel like blogging, until i saw a tag from a nyjcian on my blog. haha. well, i skipped the day 2 camp, of course. since some of my other friends did the same.

Day 1 was rather okay. well, content was rather the same as the first time when we went there. like, introductory to JC life, why this, why that. Following that was about subject combinations and etc, and 2 lectures followed that. Maths and GP lecture. by the time these two ended its around noon. well, but i must say GP doesnt sounds as scary as it is. it was lunch later and thats when we decided to pon. :x hahaha. cause its just the games part which followed.

okay, perhaps its because i've attended the Ngee Ann Red Camp before, i had too high expections for this thing. and by the way, even if i had readers who are NYJCians, im sorry but im still gonna blog about what i think and feel.

anyways, one of the lecturers said something which hit me right on the spot. "If you're thinking that this is boring, perhaps there's something you need to adjust, cause this is just JC life for you" something about that.

okay in case you guys missed the tag, it says : NY wun wan 2 hav u here. (:

yeap. seriously, the idea of JC had actually dropped out of my mind ever since i've dropped my chemistry subject. cause by doing so, im at a great disadvantage when i enter college. look, look at my possible subject combinations. At most, i can only do H2 for econs, physics and maths. and perhaps a H1 for my biology.

its true that i love studying biology, but i hate it when i actually have to remember the facts and scientific terms and etc. Biology aint my thing, but there's no other subject to take. thinking of those DNA stuffs is already enough to freak me out. having to take it for A lvls again? erm, im sorry. let me think about it.

regarding that tag, im sorry but NYJC would not be on my list when it comes to making choices after receiving my O lvl results. so thanks alot. i wont want to be in there as well (:

anyways, its not just me alone who thinks that the immersion programme was a bore. if it wasnt a bore, 12 people would not have skipped it. neither would 3 of my friends forgo-ed that for a game of mahjong.

on a side note, the only JC up on my mind is only AJC so far. look, its near to my area in the north and their dance group is strong. Gold w Honors for both Chinese and Contemporary dance! CCA makes up a big part for my choice. yeaps.

but however, till now, college is still not my thing yet. im wild and i lust after fun. making me sit in a lecture theatre for hours is equivalent to dragging me across a bed of razor blades. im not disclipined enough to sit up straight and LISTEN. okay i know NYJC had put in quite an effort for this immersion programme, but since i had no interest in it, things seemed no point.

how i hope that the government increases the tax to 8% now so that transport fees would be waivered. my mum would then have a reason lesser to rebutt me to heading for a poly. the only thing holding me back is just that JC steers me towards a university, and i do not have any courses in particular in mind right now.

argh. anyways, O lvl results would be out on Monday 12 Jan, 2pm. lucks people.
-i'll need to prepare lots of tissue paper to school that day. cause i know i wont be making my mark. high hopes just lands me with more disappointment.

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