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i just found out i have some overdued photos! hahas.

anyways,.. .. im back at home!

nah nah narhhhhhh.

My posting results!

to avoid people asking me is this my first choice, 2nd choice and so on,

i've blog the whole list, alright!

okay there you go.
i know im killing u all with suspense. hahaha.

Im posted to School Of Business & Accountancy of Ngee Ann Poly, taking..

Business Studies. ((:

tell you guys, my mum was more excited than me about it! i was still in my lolipop and candy filled lala-land when my mum called home to ask about my posting results. she was like

Mum : Hello? Girl ahh, faster check your phone!!!! where are u posted to?!?!

Me : *Still half awake, check phone "huh? orh. business studies"

Mum : "where one? SP or NP?"

Me : "ohh. ngee ann one" *eyes closed already.

Mum : "oh. wah you heng ar. k la k la byebye"

i was like still half awake half sleeping lor. okay laa, happy for a moment, then... Zzzz. slept for another few hours. LOL.

It was then when i was fully awake, i was very happy! hahahahah. kept on looking at the sms until my mother say i crazy. LOL. okay im kidding about this part. but i was over the moon!

smses soon came flooding asking about my posting. told some, but i also didnt replied some. ahahaha. i am mean! okay anyways, back to track, Samuel and Dawei is in the same course as me!! darn happy, cause i always thought there isnt anyone in the same course as me!

okays i just pause here first. shall entertain u all with pictures!

headed to ama darl's house after meeting hannah to make payment for my clothes (:
on the way, darl was like saying : darl, i think only you're coming to my hse tday.

then i said : nvm lorr, take it as bitching session. LOL.

hahaha. cause sy deardear didnt wanted to come at first. then emily dearie also lazy to go. in the end when i got there, started to jio sy deardear out again, cause she went to her bf's house. opps, did i just mentioned boyfriend? winks*

and emi also decided to come down. ((: ama's dog is like super cute and so hyper laa! keep on jumping onto my lap, this and that, this and that. wanted to choose DVDs to watch, but the dog like keep disturbing me, until ama had to carry it away. hahaha.

watched one show while waiting for others to come. (:

soon later, emi dearie reached.

and by the time sy deardear reached, we were watching a horror show. ahahah.
watched DVDs, chit chat abit, and by then, it was night time!

headed downstairs to buy dinner to go back eat. (:

see! her dog was like emoing, cause nobody gave him attention. LOL.

ama darl with her dog, and emi dearie! (:

watched TV this time. hahaha. stayed till around 9 before we headed home! (:

anyways, back to the JAE posting thing, i must say the Cut Off Point for some JCs had definitely went up. like AJC, from COP of 8 it became 7, and for NYJC, i believe it became 9, instead of 10. (: which was the COP for last year's intake. (:

to those who are going to appeal, wishing you all the best of luck! (:

and by the way, most of the 4Hians are going to Ngee Ann poly! hahaha. i mean, those 4Hians who went to poly, mostly went to ngee ann. hehs.


and i almost forgot about the results which i've promised you guys. okay okay, i think im just going to blog about SOME of my subjects. i've decided not to blog out ALL my subjects, due to some reasons. (: so im going to blog the better ones only! Hahahahah.

English - C6 (as mentioned earlier)
Emaths - A1
Amaths - A2
Express Chinese - A1
Combined Humans (geog, ss) - A2.

CCA + Community work and etc - 34 points (if im not wrong) , A1

Raw Score of R5 - 15.
Raw Score of R4 - 12.

add in the higher chinese or cca bonus points by urself if u wan. (: okay thats about it.
this information may not be on my blog forever. i suspose. may be removing them in the short future. (:

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