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till date, im still an html idiot who only know the basics about it!

im saying this because i still cant figure out the html stuffs after days! i feel like changing my tagboard to those "leave a comment" kind by using this, but i still cant figure it out!

you see, its either the webby doesnt have clear instructions / they just give u bits and parts and ask you to choose and DO IT YOURSELF. ahhh. moreover, my template doesnt have the commenting codes and i have to source it out myself. but the problem is, i dont know which is which!

everytime i extract this this and this from there, everything doesnt comes out fine! anyone who knows about html codes or the haloscan thing (given webby) is able to help me out? its giving me white hairrrrs! ahh. ):

this commenting system is similar to what u see at ice-angel's, xiaxue's, and typicalben's blog. i've emailed esther (iceangel) but she also say she dont know lei. anyone who can help me? ):

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