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im back, im back from work!

hehs. this was what i wanted to blog yesterday! (: i mentioned i went shopping! remember?

think im gonna kill kaixun cause he told me that they were going to far east plaza, most probably. so, after work i took a bus down to lucky plaza and walked to far east. and when i've reach far east, i called them only to find out that they're at marina square instead! roarrrrr. kill kaixun, sms him before that also never reply!

and also, the thought of walking back to tangs plaza and walk the underground link way to mrt, board the train, get off the train, walk through city link and all these totally freaked me out. and so i cabbed there to meet up with nicolette, jonathon, samuel and kaixun.

wanted to play pool there to kill time as we're waiting for some others to knock off before meeting up with us. but who knows, the charges are so expensive! so walked around at marina, before going to suntec there for nicolette and samuel to trade in their old jeans at LEVI's.

hahah. then all the way, jonathon, kaixun and me were like disturbing them cause they took so long to make their decision! hahaha. then we ended up snatching for seats inside the changing room. hahah.

went back to far east ( -.- i just cabbed down marina square lorrr) via MRT before the others killed us for making them wait so long. met up with thomas, celesta and shengyao and we went shopping! for the first time, it felt like it was a guy's shopping trip. hahaha. cause we went to help the guys get their new year clothings, berms and etc. there there, the guys complained why their clothings are always so freaking expensive while we girls can get ours at just 10 bucks. LOL.

wasnt particularly looking for clothes, just heels. and i went back to Mondo to see their new heels! previous trips was such a let down cause there wasnt anything which caught my eye, or its just that its the same old heels and everything. but thenn, i saw this black heeels! caught my attention okay!

okay maybe not. cause its the white one which caught my attention. hahah. asked cel and nic for opinions, and i deliberated pretty long over which color to get. LOL. and since its like all my heels were white, its time i got myself a black. hehs. nice anot?! :DD

by that time its pretty late and we dinnered at lucky plaza. (: oh and btw, germain joined us later! so for that day, basically everyone found something to buy. hehs. and all thanks to a curfew, went home first around 9pm! (:

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