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okay i know its obvious, no big deal. yea. LOL. but the BIG DEAL is that it is WHITEEEE!

my love!
my love!

had darn lots of trouble with my previous template if i changed to a white bckgrd. so i decided to search for a new one and change the template. :DD

so as to not forget how my previous blog looks like, i even went to ss it!

ahhhh! white skinnnnn. :D

even the sidebars, headers and everything i changed them to white. LOL.
its nicer than my previous skin right! if you say not, im going to go after you with a chopper tmr.


365 days and its gone in the wind. i used to detest 2008, and here i am, with the year of 2009 right in front of me, waiting for me to embrace it.

looking back a year ago, i had a post writing about how much i've changed from sec two to sec three phase, what i went through, and what are my strives. Hyperlink here. :D

im not one who have enough courage to look straight into the mirror, right into my own eyes to reflect about my everything. yet i know, i can never possibly lie to the person staring right back in the mirror. my weakness, my strengths, this person seemed to know it more. perhaps even clearer.

looking back a year ago, i've mentioned that i've learnt alot of things. like learning to love myself, to be happy, to take critisms and many more. but i realised for the past year, there isnt a much change in me. just that im better at handling things, my emotions. (:

i used to have a wish for 2008, which is to strive hard and score a single digit in my O lvls. 9 days more and i'll be collecting my results. im dreading it cause i dont think i'll make the mark for the single digit. but one thing i know, is that i've tried my best. so, god bless.

over the past year in 2008, everything seemed to be in a rush.
School reopens --> Slack abit --> Prelims, exams --> O lvls --> & Goodbye 2008.

but i think i'll be lying if i said i've never learnt anything!
the hardest lesson i took was to manage my patience level and temper.

i used to have no problems with my patience and temper, until somewhere near midyear, these two traits of mine seemed to take for a plunge. if im not wrong, i believe it's because of the change in my chinese characters(name). i hadnt realise it until i got into frequent tiffs with my friends. and that really made me reflect hard.

till date, i guess im better at handling those two traits. seriously, i had a hard time with that, then. well, i've learnt others as well, but those are too personal for your eyes. xD

hahah. back to 2009, what should my new resolutions be? Now, its like im still holidaying, and i still have no target! gosh. i just hope that 2009 will be better year for everyone! :D

& not to forget..


at aloha loyang. hahah. my highly anticipated class chalet is finally approaching! im looking so much foward. but i guess i'll troubles bringing my things out of my house tmr. look, i have to carry those frozen foods, corns, my computer's speakers and my big bag!

should have got one of the guys to take the frozen food back home. goshh. guess i'll have to lugg them to northpoint tmr before i manage to find helpers!

so for the next 2 or 3 days, miss me alrights! :D
im so packed for this week. look at my schedule!

Sunday - Chalet
Monday - Chalet
Tuesday - Chalet
Wednesday - NYJC camp.
Thursday - NYJC camp.
Friday - NYJC camp. LOL.
Saturdays and Sundays are booked by my bed. so save your effort if you're gonna ask me out. LOL. anyways back to chalet...

im gonna play MIDNIGHT BOWLING~
im gonna win lots of money from mahjonggg and banluck!!
im gonna eat my hearts out during BBQ!
im gonna kacau people when they sleeeep!
im gonna blast music through my speakers till people comes complaining!!
im gonna rollerblade/iceskate/swim !
im gonna have oh-so-much funnnnnn~ :D

be envious.

*and on a side note, i may not be replying tags or comments in my future post, unless there are many important tags to be replied. So, in short, actually not all tags would be replied, unless they're of much importance, or unless i have too much time to spare. which would be unlikely. :x

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