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just as i thought im going to rot at home for another day...

activities came knocking upon my door!

okays, lets just say i managed to find activities for myself. haha.

was like mass-smsing people this morning/afternoon to see who free, who wanna go out, but turned out that most of them werent free. and luckily i called inez, who then asked me to go her house for her cousin's bdae party! :D

and here's the irony part. just when i've found myself something to do for the day, more and more things came poping up, till i had to like, reject. =/

anyways, since i've mentioned i mass-smsed, i managed to ask andy out for my treat.
HAHA. cause im like broke, and this guy had lost to me a bet previously, which is to treat me to a good meal. :D

well, my bet was my L1R4 to be lower than 13. HAHA.

back to the being broke part, yes im really broke! you know, since my angpaos had been given to my mum, except hers and some others, my money had been flying out in notes! like you know, i paid for my seoul garden dinner, the clothes where i bought from an online blogshop, this and that, this and that. =/

so might as well.. ask him treat me to Swensen! HAHAHAHAHAHHA.
okays not funny. anyways, as usual, i didnt finish my food. LOL.

now im hungry and i feel like eating it! cause i didnt had dinner =/

Sticky Chewing Chocolate!

and i didnt realised, that swensens had upgraded their size of the cup. it became so big!
and seriously, dont ever try to finish this cup alone as it may just land u up with diabetes. LOL.

really! its like, those super rich chocolate, and by the time i ate half of it,
im near to having a sore throat. too sweet!

waahahahaha. and this was the amount i managed to knock from him. LOL.


poor guy. but no! i was poorer! he still can afford lei!
should have asked his girlfriend out along, then burn a hole in his pocket tgt.

HAHAHAHHAHA. i'm mean. tsk tsk.

then thenn, headed to Inez's house! was bored, so started playing MAHJONG first!

only played half of a round, which is only like half of dong-feng.
first round lost to Donn (inez's bf) 80 cents.

who knows second round..



im sorry to those who doesnt understand mahjong. :x

anyways, its like 4-tai, plus they say zi-mo 1 tai, so in the end i man tai!
everyone pay me $3.20!

hahahah. :x so i won $8.80, after deducting the 80 cents. so after this round they all sian already lorr! no fun! then all say dont want play already. == LOL. so.. switched places with some ah-mas and aunties, we went to play blackjack.

their stakes are like so highhhhhhhhh!

see see see! the uncle ka-po my one dollar! roarrrrrr.
which means he ate it up, for those who dont understands the dialect. (:

usually i play like 20cents, 40 cents. but since we're playing with the elders, their minimum stake was only a dollar! denggg. some even played like 10 bucks per round. oh my tiann lahs. so... win-lose-win-win-lose-lose-win. LOL. managed to win like another 8 bucks from here.

hehs, lady luck is smiling on me!

chatted, slacked, and went out to walk one round with like inez, donn, kailing, zijian, bo wen, eddie, and another cousin of hers. (:

back at her house we're like camping in her room laa. LOL.
cause her relatives is lile everywhere! not forgetting the kids.
things got boring soon again.. and so, we plaed blackjack again! hahaha.

while shuffling the new deck i was like thinking to myself..

"why today i have yet to ban-luck & ban-ban one?!"

we continued with a dollar stake for like 5 of us, and kept on
win-lose-win-lose-win-win-lose-lose that kind. and to avoid the banker being bankrupt so soon, we switched bankers for every three rounds.

and when it became my turn to be the banker,.....


im over the moon!

cause that means everyone has to pay me triple times their bet. LOL. so i won 12bucks in my first round. not bad eh!


wahahaha. ok laaa. later also got lose abit. but won like another 9 bucks when i decided to leave for home. you see, i still have the curfew thing. arghh =/ oh i missed out, shaun came to join in afterwards. (:

so.. on the whole for today, i won 25 bucks(!!) from gambling.
oh my tian, im not a gambling addict ok ok ok!

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