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okays, this was what i wore for chu er! :DD

went relatives hse at serangoon, then pray at tampinese, then to relative hse at amk.
went back home for awhile before heading to my bro's gf house, which is also songrong's hse.

felt paiseh about going, cause people might think im there for angpaos only!
but who knows we reached yishun at like 5+, and i dont wanna rot at home! ):

played blackjack and dinnered at their house.
won like 7bucks at the end of the day. hehs. :D

and and,.. i went to Seoul Gardens tonight! (:

pratically rotted at home the whole day yesterday, decomposed.
so decided to call my girlfriends out today!

met up with ama darling at causeway point earlier,
before meeting sy deardear and her friend, James at seoul garden. (:
dinner was more of a catch-up session. hahah.

i feel so crappy cause i kept saying lame things just now. LOL.

like bbqing the already cooked fries, this and that, this and that. hahha.
was pretty full after a while, and we sort of like took a rest!
chatted, and took pictures. :D

okay, this is shiyun and her friend james. (:

and darling and me! (:

sat, chat, and ate till almost 3 hours! when we're about to go, darling and i played with the food. LOL. we threw whatever we have back into the... soupbowl? dont know what its called.

threw stuffs like fried rice, 7-up, ice, lao-yu-sheng and stuffs all into it. LOL. talking about the lao-yu-sheng thing, tell you guys something that you'll nv believe. i've never lao yu sheng before! hahah. i know its sort of like a tradition thing, but my family / relatives doesnt really practice this tradition. so, yea. LOL.

told ama and she's shocked. ahaha. we anyhow mixed the stuffs for the yu sheng thing and it tasted weird! got alot of ginger taste. and one by one we tasted it, and you could like see different expressions on each other's face laa. LOL.

anyways this is the aftermath!
hahah. lots of stuffs were overcooked inside and changed color!
gross lor. LOL.

walked around cwp for awhile before we headed home! (:
tomorrow may be heading over to ama darling's house to slack and watch DVD!

LOL. since its like im going to rot at home.
ama is going to rot at home.
sy is also going to rot at home.
so lets rot together! :D

*posting results to be out tomorrow from 8am~11am! gosh i think by the time i woke up, i would have received the sms already. LOL. pray hard, let me land in the course i want :(
God, we're friends right. :DDDD

**new songs up on playlist! (:

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