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outing with ama darling, shiyun deardear and emily dearie! :D

and this was the first thing i saw in my kitchen in the morning. LOL.

nearly woke up late cause i forgot to set any alarm clock, and i just dozed off at night! luckily someone made a wrong call in the morning which made me wake up in time. thank god.

had a wardrobe breakdown. i was just planning on wearing a casual tee and jeans, who knows sy deardear were like wearing something smarter-than-casual type of clothes. so i stood darn long infront of my cupboard looking for something suitable for the day. and by the time, i was late late late!

cabbed to school, and darl and i was forbidded to go up to the hall by sim and kenneth ng. roar. kenneth says my make up too thick (-.-)? i just managed to put some eyeliner lor! and sim said i was doing fashion show (cause i was wearing white tanktop). == went to put on cardigan already but still dont allow! luckily ms wong came to our rescue! ♥

missed out the drums and dance. awww.
the atmosphere was rather good, but cant really feel it. cause by the time we managed to join in, the concert was left with band, CO and the singalong session ==

bused-trained-bused again to Kallang leisure park!
its so inaccessible. =/

and fyi, Kallang Ice World isnt like Fuji Ice Palace!
there is no 4-person package which gives u unlimited time inside,
so fret not if you cant find a group of four to go together.

and GLOVES is a must!

as what's stated infront. cost us $2.50!
such a scam, cause we didnt even wear it while inside.

and off we went to skate!

as it was ages since i last skated, wasnt that stable at first. but soon we picked up and we started speeding up! okay laa, compared to speed skaters we're considered very slow. LOL. sy deardear didnt dared to skate at first. but luckily she managed to skate abit on her own w/o our help at the end! (:

and also, their skates is soo uncomfortable! i guess its the cutting of the skates. everywhere was fine accept for the front part, where its very tight at the side bones of your feet. asked dearie and others, all said the same thing.

but sadly, i ended up with a blisterr at the end of the day! ahhh. im so so tempted to burst the bubble of serum. =/

headed to bugis and dinnered at yoshinoya! (: and i just realised my money is flying out so fast. i left my wallet at yoshinoya without knowing and headed out! walked with sy deardear and was wondering why dearie and darl was stuck so long at yoshinoya.

was super crowded at bugis! had no mood to shop, but i was deperate to find a denim shorts! luckily i managed to get one. and it was only when i had to make payment, i realised my wallet was missing -.- freaked out for a while.

and luckily, dearie has it! hahah. it was then that i realised i left my wallet at yoshinoya, and the auntie told emi and ama that we've left a wallet behind. oooopsie. thanks darling and dearie! :x and since nothing much to get, and darl cant find her boots, darl and dearie decided to go down far east, while sy deardear and i bus-ed home. (:

chatted abit on the bus! hahah. i felt real bad cause at first, i was seated beside a lady. and since the bus ride was so long, i fell asleep and kept on knocking my head onto her shoulder! LOL. i think its around 4~5 times. :x felt so paiseh.

went to chongpang after that to meet my mum, bro and his gf.
bought some stuffs and homed! (:

and today, i did spring cleaning for my room! (:
now its super neat neat neat.
okay, pardon those wires which are dangling at the back of my table. :x

i've got a super cute bedsheet! it looks like a pig, but looked like a bear at the same time. LOL.

im off to tidy up the living room! (:

and on a random side note, im not working at ACI already! reason being cause im darn angry with them for addressing me by "auntie"! nah im just kidding. but im serious with the auntie part. LOL.

gosh man. its like when they address me auntie, i turned over. but some got sort of a guilty look on their face. so its still okay with that. i understand. but some worse! they just say, "auntie, where are this this and this book?" and they still smiled at me after calling me auntie. %$@#!

im not working there already anyways. (: sick of the morning journey. i wanna look for a part time job near northpoint! or best, at northpoint. i wanna work at places like Spade, Power9, 77th streets but each of them has a drawback/requirement of 18yrs old! my bro assured me a place in Guardian as a cashier, but im not sure if i wanna take up that job. he knows the manager afterall. =/

Replies to tags!

Kaixun - hahaha. :D

Zhiyan - ohhh. but i didnt bump into you that day =/

Shawn - yea i wanted to, but i'll get more complaints that way. LOL.

Andy - no idea. but i have my holidays till april. so no worries! :D

Homey - LOL. hahah homey. (-.-) going to night's house?

weifeng - yea saw you too! you're in my picture!

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