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President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address.

just look at the number of people who attended this!
drop your jaws, its a jubilant two-million strong crowd. and before i start on anything;

Welcome to Inauguration 2.0 .

most of this part would be credited to MyPaper. not that im trying to update you with whatever latest news or something, but i just feel like blogging about it, and parts of points which we all should take some note about.

From stock traders to battle-weary soildiers and everyday citizens glued to their television screens, the world welcomed Mr Barack Obama's inauguration, nd the dawn of a new era in United States.

Hours before the first African-American persident in US was sworn in, hoever, the weeks of excited anticipation were already ending with the sombre recognition of Mr Obama's difficult work ahead.

It is sometimes said, half in jest, that choosing the US president is too important to be left only to Americans, and Obama was clearly the choice of many people in the world after eight years of the unpopular George W. Bush.

People in 17 different countries believed that he, Mr Obama will improve America's relationship with the rest of the world.

But he, inherits a wobbly global economy, bloody conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a country whose international standing is seen to be lower than at any time in living memory. He, also comes to power with massive expectations, on everything from climate change to Middle East peace and disarming North Korea, analysts have warned that many of these expectations are unrealistic.

The biggest disappointments are born out of big expectations. "It is clear thar Mr obama's election campaign promises are going to be kept slowly, if at all"

Well, it certainly looks tough ahead for him as so many expections of him are weighing down on his neck. But many do look forward to the Obama era. and as President George W. Bush left his office, few words of encouragement were given to him, his legacy scarred by the Iraq war.

"Adios Senor Bush."

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