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rahhs. lazy readers who complained my blog was too wordy!
*looks at kaixun*

okay so now today my post would be a pictureful one! :DD

mainly because my mum was at home these few days, i have to do spring cleaning and tidying up. actually i cleared my cupboard long ago right after finishing my O lvls. and there, i had this stack of books! be it textbooks, workbooks (mostly been thrown), guidebooks and 10yr series!

was waiting for my relatives to come take whichever books they need (for my cousins), but they just took a few. cause of the constantly changing publisher and everything, these books rendered no use to them. =/ or its either that my cousins are in lower sec, they also cant use the books.

looking at this stack of books today, i seriously dont know what to do with them! ): my mum told me to throw them away if nobody wants them, cause its unsightly to have stacks of books on the floor under my table or anywhere. BUT, these books are costly! just a geog textbook cost like 17bucks?

and seriously, i think its a waste to throw them down the rubbish chute as the ones i kept all mostly or rather, brand new. okayy i've taken a pict of those which im willing to give them away.

Higher Chinese Textbook 3A & 3B.

condition for textbook 3b : 10/10
very new, as my teacher had never used them at all. especially 3B.

Geography textbook for sec 1 and 2.

i know the publisher for geog textbooks have been changed to Blue Marble,
but perhaps you could use them as a reference / for more info about related topics.

Title says for itself

brand new. condition 9/10
all wrapped with PVC wrappers.

you can tear them away as i've written my name there. =X

7. Physics workout book! (MCQs)
recommended by both teachers and students.
hard to find these in Popular as they're usually out of stock!
condition 9/10

8. Physics guidebook.
detailed guidebook, very new and useful
condition 10/10

Social studies and Elective Geog 10 yr series!

seriously, dont waste your money buying new ones from the school bookshop/anywhere.
your teachers would mostly be printing the 2008 SS/Geog papers for you, so dont worry about missing out the papers in O lvls last year!

very new, with answers attached.

condition for SS : 10/10
condition for geog : 9/10 (some pencil markings)

Emaths and English 10 yr series.

this emaths ten yr series is also pretty hard to find in stores nowadays.
what's available are probably 5 yr series. all new, with little/no pencil markings.

13. Challenging Essays.
read it to provoke ur inspirations. LOL.
some highlightings made in the book. (:

condition 9/10

14. Handbook for Sec 2, HIGHER CHINESE.
brand new, not used before.

condition 10/10.

if you are interested in any of the above books, leave me a tag at the tagboard, or you can simply email me at justjaslin@hotmail.com. im not selling them,
im giving them away.

if nobody wants them, they'll still probably end up in the rubbish chute at the end of day.
i'll be glad to give them to anyone who's interested! (:

i dont give away books which are old. all of them are in tip top condition!
you may also wish to direct any questions to my email. (:

anyways, enough of those books, im going back to ACI to work tomorrow morning! means i gotta wake up at 6+ again. nevermind, i'll get to see the students there! afterall, their school only reopens tomorrow. unlike our government schools. im gonna meet people of my age from all over the world! hehs. :D its an international school. (:

and regarding my comment box, its still not done yet! ahhhh. although i've managed to add in the feature, by picking up the html codes manually from the blogger's default template. spent almost 6~7hours on it! burnt my whole afternoon and evening yesterday.

although the feature's there, its a hassle to use it cause you must be logged in to your google account. and sharks, haloscan or rather the js-kit doesnt have detailed instructions about it. i have no idea how to change it to that. the web requires me to have a classic template (so that they can help me integrate the template) but mine isnt! gosh.

im gonna spend days wrecking my brain over it. argh.

Replies to tags :

Deyi : hahahs okay note taken :D my biology so cmi, still ask me take biotech! roarr.

PBy : urmm, im not exactly sure about it. but i've help u found out the web. learn more about them here (:

Zhiyan : oops. nevermind, my previous post has a link :b

Shawn : hahah. see how la. wait i figure out the codes.

Kaixun : dont have picts lei. my zilian picts wan mar wan mar? LOL. yeaa long time nv go out with u all le lei!

the rest : either i've replied u via msn or your own blog. (:

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