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Advanced birthday outing for Inez !

hahaa. was preparing her gift the whole day yesterday! anyways, part of it was the constructing of a ferris wheel. look so cute lorr! hahaha. show u how i go about building it.

hahaha. sides done!

wheel done, now left the seats !

and tadahhhh !

ehh. its not as easy as how the paper says lorr. still have to cut and buffer some sharp ends ! hahah. the only sad thing is that i cant paint it. ):

wanted to paint it one! but i scare later my painting skills spoil the whole thing. LOL.

nice anot ?!?!

hehs, of course, this is only part of the gift lahhs. see, i was still at it during midnight!

anyways, was supposed to go inez's house at around 1+.

woke up, bathed and set my hair before going out.
i did a scene hair today! (((:

too bad it isnt obvious in photos. its seriously big-assed ! hahah.

okok i know its still not obvious. hahah

anyways, met up with shaun, kailing and inez's cousin at sunplaza before training to town!
met up with donn and went to KTV partyworld for a karaoke till 8+ .

okay i did sing this time. hahaha! its more fun when there's more ppl. hehs.
we're like damn high when it comes to english songs. everyone screaming away. LOL.

orchard streets pretty anot ?! (((:

went to Heeren's Jack's place for dinner afterwards !

we were like discussing about a lesbian show throughout dinner and others lahhs! so funny. talking about those controversial topics and everything. and we even gossipped about one of a china waiter there. LOL.

this china waiter super clever lorr. he can serve the wrong steak to wrong people. and inez was complaining about how bloody her steak was. haha.

and also, due to some miscommunication we ended having Orange Juice as our drinks !
i was still pretty shocked when they ordered orange juice. hahaha. anyways, their orange juice is so _____ ! also dont know how to say, but it gave me a headache right after i drank it !

by then, its around 9+ and i gotta go. so while inez and others went to buy a cake and all these, i made my move first. hehs. met samuel aw and another cchy-ian on the train! chatted awhile and homed ! (((:

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