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had an really happening and eventful day. feels like im overflooded!
so i guess this post might be a bit more interesting to some of you guys, or rather girls. (:

anyways,.. DIG THIS!


&, to add on the excitement, it was MEANT FOR MY EYES!

see?! i told ya. it's gonna be an interesting post eh. :DD
it isnt just some puny excuse to cheat u into reading my blog okay!

but before i go into that, im still starting off with my morning. HAHA.


or rather, its my eyelid. its a sty, actually.
and its some sort of a swelling of a sebaceous gland due to some bacteria infection. argh.
pict taken when im back home at night. i look so shag!

back to topic, i've actually experienced some discomfort with my eyelid the previous night. but i thought it'd be okay once i woke up. who knows, it got worse! the swelling got bigger, until i looked like as if i have a 3-mm double eyelid! (-.-)

was planning to go out with ama darling ltr in the day! thought of consulting a doctor. but luckily i researched online and i found some home cures. it basically involves hot compression of my left eye. tried it, and it works!!

okays, its impossible to cure it within hours, but at least the swelling subsided a little. until i looked like as if i have triple eyelids. li hai hor?! lololol. i guess its better this way lorr, cause sometimes i have triple eyelids if i had a bad night.

but i guess its better than having double eyelids which are 3-mm thick right?!?!?!
eh, have some patience lahh! tsk tsk. let me continue with others first. LOLOL.


so, met up with ama darl at northpoint before we trained to town! (: shopped at far east and i've got some shou huo!! bought a handbag, many bangles, and others! super happy. darling got her stuffs as well. hahahs. its mostly those etc etc things. you de mei de. hehs. ((:

walked for like 2 hours before we decided to lunch at the KFC outlet,
which is just outside Far East Plaza.

nar nar narrr. here's the part that you all have been anticipating for. LOL.
i've drew out the layout of the outlet so that you all understand what im talking abt.

pink cross - where im sitting.
orange cross - ama darling.
black cross - other customers.
red dot - ummm.. lets name him dick museum! :D

so, after buying our meals, we went over to our table to sit. (: and while ama darl went back to the counter to get some sauces, this dick museum slowly made his way to the table beside us, armed with a KFC Pepsi and newspaper.

you'd ask me why i'll take note of him right? cause the whole outlet so big, with so many other empty tables, i cant fathom why in the world would he want to squeeze at this corner with us, considering the table at our left was occupied as well. (i forgot to draw them).

so nevermind. was there eating and chatting with ama for quite some time. since you know, we girls eat lunch super slow. moreover, we were chatting away. chatting halfway, i turned my head to this dick museum again, scrutinising him.

i dont know what got into me, but this dick museum certainly caught my attention. moreover he's seated opposite me. there he was, drinking his pepsi, with his head bowled over the newspaper. HEY, its The New Paper! (easily recognised with the newspaper size) look, i have my reasons for saying that its The New Paper okay?

i was like wondering, The New Paper so nice to read meh? can read till so long. moreover he was like looking so intently into a page that has nothing but advertisement like "Make new friends here! Call 123-456-789" those kind.

okay so nevermind again. i continued to eat and chat and blahh. and when we're finally done eating, (i presume after a long time) this dick museum still reading newspaper lorr! its like, i can finish reading every word printed on The New Paper within 20minutes lorr. yet this dick museum still there, sipping away on his Pepsi.

haha. okok. here's your high part okay? you guys must be cursing me for holding u all back so long. hahaha.

it was then when im going to take my handbag, standup and make my exit, i saw it, I SAW IT! *squeals in girlish delight* lololol. obviously, i added it in. im not so desperate. haha.

HOW I SAW?!?!?!?!
HOW DID HE DO IT?!?!?!?!

okay okay, one by one okay. of course i saw it with my eyes. he did it in a way such that it doesnt looks obvious to anyone beside or behind him. nope he didnt took down his pants.
dick museum doesnt likes a mass showcase. LOL.

he was seated in a way, like you know, kiao kar? i dont know how to say it in english, but its like his left leg crossed over his right leg, like how girls would usually sit. i didnt really go pay attention to what he wore for his bottomwear, but its definitely short lahh! macam boxer shorts' length. and he didnt wore any briefs of whatever inside. and obviously, he's seated in a direction where his dick is directly in clear view for me, threatening to expose itself if the wind blew his boxers length pants. hahahah.

and this is the way how dick museum decides to showcase his dick. LOL.
sadly, cameras are prohibited in museum, and thus i have no juicy pictures to show you. :(


well you cant expect me to go shouting "AHHHHHHHH. SE LANGGGGGGGGGG"
(pervert in chinese) right?! if i did, dick museum would have achieved his aim. soo,.. just pretend never see luhs. stood up, and left.

i remembered him lifting his head up to look at me when i just stood up and left. LOL. i should have turned to see his loser face! ayeeee. but i could tell you what's he's feeling! :DD perhaps his dick was thinking : "why didnt you turned to take a good look at me when i was looking at you for so longgg. ))): you made me so dejected. and i've wasted my time sitting here all these while for you. i shall go home and emo." LOLOL.

left and told ama darling about it. although shocked, we started joking about it. she was saying : "aiyaa! you should have told me earlier. then we could make fun of him, saying "ohh its so short" or "ohh, i hate things which are tiny" and such." HAHAHAHAHAAAHA.

but i really regretted not telling the KFC personnel. or perhaps, i could even make a police report, then the police would come and make my day more dramatic! like you know, handcuff dick musuem with his dick, dragging him out of the KFC outlet onto a police car, with his deeds and perhaps with his dick showcased to the whole world! yipeeee!

okay enough of that. but i'll touch on this topic again later :D hahahah. anyways, headed to Bugis Street to shop again! and you know, its the first time i ever entered an empty bugis street! hmms, not really empty, but its like, you can slowly and casual shake your ass and shop down the streets, instead of the usual squeezing and etc, where you have jostle your way out.

managed to buy my kimono top! like oh-so-finally. darl bought her stuffs, while we decided to walk to Haji lane to see what that lane offers. virgin trip there thou.

this picture credited to zixian (:
took his without permission. oops!

anyways, walked down the lane just to see that most shops were closed, and we didnt manage to find what we wanted to. since its too malu, i decided not to say what we were finding. XD

passed by this shop, with the name SoonLee.

LOL. soonlee, this picture for you. hahaha. okay, i know he doesnt reads my blog.
anyways, we headed upstairs and the sales assisstant was like saying :

"we have new Soon Lee products! have a look"

hhahahahahah. :x

pardon my blurry phone camera lens. i didnt notice it.
lots of stuffs inside this shop is so vintage! hahah. and this phone was put outside the shop (:

and you know what?
when we came out of the shop, it was raining cats and dogs!

it was just a slight drizzle when we went in! and moreover, neither of us has an umbrella, and we're like stuck there. ran to the opposite shophouses, and walked back to the main road.

the mrt is like so far from where we were! we cant possibly walk back. so in the end, we managed to flag down a cab, with our aching legs in heels. we've walked so long like non-stop! despite sitting at KFC for so long. cabbed home anyways. (:


i began analysing things, about the incident at KFC. you see.. this guy came right over when we're seated at our tables after buying our meals.

- how long had he been eyeing us? moreover, he had already bought his KFC Pepsi. which mean he isnt too slow behind us, considering the short queues at the counter. he cant be any one still outside by the pavement, selecting his targets. cause if he was to do that, it would still take him some time to come into KFC, to queue for his pepsi and to make his way over.

could it be possible that he had stalked us when we're shopping at basemen level, and followed us all the way to KFC? scary lorr. and blur ama, she didnt even realised the presence of this dick museum. tsk tsk.

- told my mum about it and she was like asking me to post this matter to Stomp.com. LOL. should i, should i not? unless i have too much time to kill man. but im seriously disgusted with such things happening in the heart of the town. urgh.

*oh my dearest mummyyyyyy, im scared. im scared that im gonna have nightmares of many dicks chasing after me. i cant sleep. ):

LOL. im kidding about this part. hahaha.

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