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i guess this year's valentine's day is kind of boring for those singles who have just graduated from their secondary schools. - just like ME.

hahas. cause its like during schooling days, you wont be missing out the fun on valentines day even if you're single. cause we'd always run from class to class,
levels to levels
to exchange our gifts, or even to wait in class for our rose to be delievered to us! (then, ms wong would always get each of us prefects a stalk of red rose!) :D && nobody walks home empty handed.

i would always remember how we always tried to board the bus with our hands full of gifts exchanged, chocolates received and etc. you'll never know when which gift would pop up for you at the next turning corner. every moment is always filled with anticipation!

Have you guys ever wondered how Valentine's Day came about?

yes i did wondered about it. and i went online and googled it. shall share with you guys!

There had been many versions portraying Valentine as a priest who refused an unattested law attributed to Roman Emperor Claudius II, who had allegedly ordered that young men remain single, as he believed married men did not make for good soldiers.

The priest Valentine, however, refused this law and had secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown in jail.

While in jail, he befriended and healed a young blind girl who was actually his jailer's daughter. On the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to this young girl who had variously been identified as his beloved. It was a note that read "From your Valentine."

actually i have no idea if this is the correct one, cause there had been many other sayings and versions. but this is the one which i've most commonly seen among my researchs :D

anyways, if you're single right now, you dont have to burrow your face within your hands and sob the whole day away! :D its a great opportunity to grab your friends out. :D

okays before i get on to telling you guys how i spent my eventful valentine's day,
how about i tell you about my encounter with a cab driver today. hahah.

you know, i've never ever thought that i'd meet those cab drivers who talked non stop during your ride. and since im running late (as usual), i managed to hail down a cab. and just as i took out a book from my handbag, flipped to the first page, the cab driver handed me a small leaflet.

From then on, my most terrible nightmare on a cab came true. he started preaching gospel to me! in layman's terms, he's talking to me about Jesus, his life, Mother Mary, God, and etc etc. and since i grew up in a catholic church, i've long knew about this. can even memorise everything! okok im just a lil bit exaggerated.

anyways, since i thought he just wants me to read it and would stop very soon, he went on non stop! ahhhhhhhhhh! from yishun to CTE, from highway all the way to Outram park, he keep on going on and on and on and on! So everything Jesus here, Jesus there. at first i still pretended to act like im listening.

after a while i got bored. and started giving him those patronising replies like : Oh. Um. Um. BUT he still didnt get my hint and went on non stop. gosh. and since its about religions and i guess i shall not blog about what he mentioned, for obvious reasons.

Talk non stop still okay lei. talk very loud still okay lei. but he insulted my religion which is like SO NOT OKAY lahhs! its like he asked me which religious group i belonged to. i replied "Buddhism" and there he goes, constantly harping non stop why we should believe Jesus and not our own religion.

im super pissed off by him! what right does he have to insult our religion. not just buddhism alone okay. still say what we are ALL actually praying to humans, who had been dead long ago. and they are not god. and blah blah. its like, promoting christianity is okay you know. most people does that. but still, its up to our decision in following which religious group right?! what right do you have to comment on US. argh.

his loud voice kept ringing in my ears even after i got off the cab lor. T.T

anyways, reserved my day for my guild outing!

its actually an online game which i play - Audition.

okays stop saying how dangerous it is to meet online friends, this and that, that and this. i've met them in realife before, and for quite a couple of times. (: they are definitely not those indecent ahbengs ahlians which you think of. lols.

met up together at the MRT station and one whole big group of us headed to BoBo's house! (:
she lives on the 24th floor, which is like totally cool.

view from her living room. :D

anyways, after discussing about audition this and that, we played blackjack. :D
gosh i've totally lost big this time man. once i increase my stakes the dealer gets blackjack.

and since not everyone is playing, we ended to game early lest those who doesnt plays gets bored. so, we played the most traditional game - True or Dare.

haha, like those bo-liaos kind we always play right? like all will ALWAYS choose true. no one ever plays dare. and so the elders set many rules to the game. If you choose true this time, you have to do a dare the next time.

but who knows, as things started to get boring, it suddenly became a Dare or Dare game! no more truths. everything is a dare. it was pretty hilarious at the start. but who knows the dare became harder and harder!

and since my blog's not really private, i wont be sharing the details. hahah. in short, its doomsday for whoever that ends up with the bottle cap pointing at them. and i think i was one of the more jialat girls lahhs! there were like 10+ of us anyways. (:

the asker was so mean! which was non other than BoBo. shall not elaborate. LOL.

anyways, had dinner at a coffeeshop near her house! (:
by then, its pretty late and decided to leave early with two of my other friends.

was fretting over how to explain to my mum for getting home late. in the end decided to get a cab. and also, thanks alot to homie who gave me 7bucks to help pay abit for my cab. even when he's not taking my cab! cause he knew i lost quite a lot during blackjack today. thanks many!

and just as i was about to get into a cab, my bro called to asked where i am. and luckily his girlfriend's family decided to come down to outram park to fetch me! :D saved cab fare. hehs. accompanied them to Balestier road for dinner before heading home. (:


hahas. we had a rule that all the guys have to bring a rose for each girl.
i've got a blue rose! its uber uber chio! :D
heard from my bro that its hard to find blue roses unless you go to those big florist shops.

hahas. thanks to night for the dozen of roses you brought! =X
they were really pretty. (:

Happy Valentine's Day to all again! ♥

&&, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Koh for becoming a dad today!
and also BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Koh for giving birth to Baby Zion! :D

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