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hmms, frankly saying, i stayed at home for the past two days!

was simply tired of running out everyday and it times i gave my legs a break. till now, my legs are still giving me the aches! ok lahhs. not aches. just that its telling me that its lazy to go out. LOL. okay i know im very crappy.

anyways, i've lost like 3kilos after chinese new yr ended! in short, its about a week !

and i didnt try to lose weight on purpose okay! its just that for the whole day of yesterday i didnt ate anything or had any meals. and for today, skipped breakfast and lunch again. :x just simply because i woke up late, and i was too lazy to go down and buy food!

bobo was very nice to me and still offered to buy takeaways food for me and pass to me in the middle of the night! but its like they live so far away. so paiseh, and declined it. muackzz bobo!

and just this afternoon, (mind you, i wake up at 3pm) i got gastrics!! ahhhs. for the 16 years of my life i've got gastrics for the first time despite skipping so many meals last time. tried to suppress it by raiding the fridge, and tahan all the way till dinner time. LOL.

ehs, i must claim that i didnt purposely skip meals ok! its just that i didnt feel like eating, and im lazy to buy food. you come my house cook for me lahhs! ):

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