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i find this picture really really nice! (:
the feeling it gives, etc etc. basically everything la! (:

anyways, im back to daily rantings! hahaha. suddenly had the urge to blog, and here i am! (:

and ohya, anyone knows where can i find korean songs? other than imeem? hahha. im so love wuith korean songs after watching boys before flowers on http://www.mysoju.com/ .

thanks to shengyao who recommended me this. im seriously killing time with those drama series uploaded there. but sadly, i still cant find Sky Of Love.
as for today, met up with ama darling and inez at northpoint! okay although they were abit late, we managed to go for the job interview at...... dont be surprised.. HONGKONG CAFE!

yes its at northpoint. haha. went there for dinner yesterday and casually popped the question to the waiter to see they are hiring. who knows, they said they needed alot helpers! so there i am, dragged two friends along for interview.

so paiseh! cause when we went there, the manager was actually having his lunch. :x anyways, the working times are really irregular! but its mostly night time, which i am glad of. but maybe during weekends i may need to work till 3am! its a 24hr outlet afterall. the manager said he'd call tmr to confirm. hopefully i land my big ass on this job? haha.

anyways, met up with emily after the interview while inez went off with her friend. :D we girls went to bugis for shoppingg! hahah. didnt had anything in mind to buy, just accompany them to get their stuffs.

who knows i end up buying lots of stuffs as well! hahah. bought another tanktop (okay i know its always tanktops) and a white top! i freaking love it! :D anyways, set my eyes on some nice tops. but its like so ohmygosh expensive lahhh! its hard to land my eyes on something i like. and the moment i have, why does it have to be so expensive?!

the same goes for emily and ama. hahah. they were like wondering should they spend the money on the expensive clothes which they had set their eyes on. anyways, decided not to buy first. hahas. went to get some snacks for my mum before having dinner at bugis junction with emily's mum! (:

hahahs. her mum was like asking us to go pet lovers centre to work. XD hehs. but its hard to get a job there. oh wells. anyways, her mum fetched us home all the way from bugis after that! million thanks! hahah. im so gonna swear to get myself a car in the future! much more convenient. :D

but.... i still think i'll get lost on the roads. LOL.

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