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i got bored,.. and i took inez's camera and camwhored!

look at the difference between a digi cam and a 2 megapixel camera lorr.

&& Bytheway,.. i've removed extensions already kay!
tsk tskk tskkk.

anyways, yesterday planned to go movie with ama darl around evening. who knows when i was about to go out, i was forbidded to go out ! cause my bro sort of flew off his bike along the wet path and landed himself in Tan Tock Seng A&E.

so no choice have to put darl aeroplane. so sorry darlingg ! anyways, met up with my mum at novena before going to TTS. and since we cant go in where my bro and his gf was, we went to eat at kopitiam ! after eating, went back to A&E department again.

as they only allowed 1 companion inside per time, my mum switched with his gf and so i accompanied her to go for dinner again. hahah. after dinner went back again and have to wait and wait and wait ! wait all the way till 9 plus before he's finally done.

luckily its just some external injuries on his knees and toes. because he complained how pain how pain, they did some X-Rays for my bro and stuffs. its not like x-rays are good for our body u know, but he's been frequenting the X-Ray rooms so often nowadays.

he had an X-ray done the other day as he's going to go for a minor surgery. he had developed a cyst around his wrist. dont know what last stage already and he have no choice but to do a surgery. should be somewhere around next month !

&& shyt lah, i think my blog is becoming more and more boring ! :(

cant really think of a good blogging material to blog nowadays. bear with me! hehs.

by the way, i think my fringe is growing so fast to a rate that its annoying. i've just had a haircut not long ago and now its touching my nose soon ! you know, those not short not long length. seriously irritating lorr ! i dont think long fringe suits me and so im going to cut it soon!

im getting kind of bored with the same type of fringe for almost 1year+ , other than the failed bangs which i've cut earlier on. been surfing the net and doing some friendster-hopping but i've yet to find any which i like ! hmm hmmms..

eh, i know im vain lah ! which girl not vain u tell me !

alrights hairstyles aside, i've been getting myself busy the whole day with the poly administration thing ! gosh, its such such such a BIG HASSEL ! do until i almost want to pull out every single strand of my hair. roarr .

cause i'm applying for the financial stuffs, then i have no idea which or what or where to get things done ! ended up consulting my senior peers and some teachers. i even called in to ngee ann to enquire! hmms, most of my question marks solved. but still,.. i cant find where to download the required forms !

they said its on the web. and so i went in to the web, saw this saw that, but i didnt saw the form which im supposed to download and print. LOL. see how ba.

and im supposed to get another passport sized photo of me done ! im so not going to use my that secondary 3 cannot-make-it pict ! throw enough face for two years already. and im so gonna get a nice one done !

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