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I realised that i've been out almost everyday! hahahs. this time round its..


okay, not lee kuan yew. dont worry. hahaha. its mr lee's house! (: met up with some of my classmates for lunch at sunplaza before meeting the rest up! :D

and anyways, gotta thank sinren for taking most of the photos! (:

and these.... are the slow pokes!

we're the faster pokes. LOL.

no such word, please. haha.
and obviously, im the one in yellow with the longest hair.

heh, i didnt knew that my hair looked that long from the back. LOL.

and this, is LIM DEYI!!

hahaha. i dont know how sinren got this photo. but i know one of my cousins would be interested to know how he looked like. hahahaha. :x

anyways,... his COMPLEXION very good horrr?!?!

i help him photoshop away his pimples and blackheads de lor.
im such a good friend. *full of smiles. hahaha

upon reaching mr lee's house!

he sort of like have a mirror at the living room and there sin ren goes.
haha XD

and im like a statue sitting beside her. LOLOL

and from giving oranges, it became more of less like a prize giving ceremony!

SZEGEE is SOOOOO not gay.

the girls who reached earlier!

and here we have the guys. (:

mr lee's daughter is like so cute laahs!

we asked her to help us take photo, and here it is. hahaha.
the guys all gone. hhahaha.

tadahhs :D taken by mr lee's sis. hehs

and since there's nth much to do with the mahjong table taken..


okay i must say my luck isnt with me at mr lee's house. LOL.
none of us was too rich, so we switched bankers frequently.

and i must say sinren is DARN lucky!

and i mean it. likes she she ban luck so many times in a row!
and especially when she place her bets like 4 bucks. LOL.

yeaa, and so we're still playing, while some left the game after losing money. :x
i lost like 6 bucks to blackjack! oh noooo.

and so the girls were either mahjong or chit chatting.

this pict looks like they're gossiping right! LOL!

while some also played with mr lee's kids. hahah

this boy, i forgot his name, is sooo cute! hahaha

check out his expressions.


and here's the big laugh for the day.

you know, as we're bored of blackjack, william introduced the game of "In Between".

anyways, the gist of it is that if you decided to bet for the round, (getting the number that lands between the two cards which u already have, like between 2 and 9, you get 7 and you win the amount you bet)

but if you get other numbers bigger /smaller than 2 and 9, you lost your bet. but if you suay you got 2 OR 7, you have to PAY DOUBLE. try to understand luhhs, cause if not you wont understand what im trying to say later.

thenn.. this shixuan. im gonna say i really feel so sorry for him. he kept on losing! he got like 2 and 12. so high probability of winning rights? so he bet like.. if im not wrong was 6 bucks. thenn, he was SOOOO LUCKY, that he got a 12!

everyone was like.. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

since the rules of the game had it, he had to pay double of the bet. 12 dollars flew into the "pool", where all the money is.

and so.. we continued playing! with shixuan determined to win back his losses.
(anyways picture are taken while playing blackjack)

then this time round,..

i forgot what he took for both of his cards.
and here's the BIGGER laugh.

if im not wrong, the probability of him winning is pretty high. determined to win back his losses, he put 10 bucks as stake! and so, his third card was......... well i shanlt say. same as the previous case. HE'S "SOOOO" LUCKY lor! out of so many cards can get the same one!

and everyone goes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA again.
poor thing for him laa!

20 bucks flew away. :x and by then, the pool had alot of money already. like $30+++. so to cut back his losses, we decided to end the game by splitting the money among 5 of us. while he gets the remaining coins as well.

so, all in all, i only lost 3 bucks today. hahah. poor shixuan.

and chijie looked like he's seriously deprived of childhood.
tsk tsk.

and soon later, we're like watching tv. LOL.

cause there's nothing much to do. and these two fellas fell asleep. hahah

stayed till like 5.20 before all of us left his house!
and here's a group picture, without shuting inside. (:

dinnered at pastamania with some of them! and went job hunting at northpoint again, while shuting and sinren do their shopping. (: argh, its either that they're not hiring or im yet EIGHTEEN. you know, im dying to work in yishun!


oh by the way, for O lvl graduates heading to JCs, you may wish to extend your student concession at yishun or amk's transilink ticketing booths. (: for my side i only know these two lahhs, cause sinren and others did theirs today. better have it done soon or you'll be paying adult fares. hur hur.

and for O lvls graduates heading to polys, CONGRATULATIONS!
you'll be entitled to having the joy and happiness of paying adult fares all the way till april when poly term starts! thats simply FABULOUS + WONDEROUS. :DD

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