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I suddenly seemed like an nature love eh? hahaha

Photoshoot with Inez.

well, its aint those professional ones and im proud to be her model standing at 1.55m. HAHAH. its like this. inez recently ventured into photograpy and she's working on a theme. after her first two batch of pictures was out, im her object for the third batch lahh! hahaha kidding.

anyways, met up with inez at sembawang, collected her photos and she brought me to somewhere (which i duno where) that's grassy! everywhere grass those kind. then i was like telling her : "inez ar.. i dont have a thing for grass you know!!

then since she's just taking pictures and not video or anything, i kept on complaining to her while she was taking. HAHAHA. i think i must have irritated the hell outta her. anyways, headed to a small park in the vicinity to continue after that.

It was super sunny and im those kind which gets sun burnt easily. hehs.

after some shoots at the playground, decided to get a drink and slack with two of her ex-primary sch friends. gosh, sembawang has LOTS of playground lorr.

and soon after that there were some ahlians and ahbengs around lahhs.
so the two girls who were inez's friends got into problem with another guy's girlfriend.

i was like : "eh, very long never see those small little girl ah lians settle problem already."

so inez and i went to kpo abit. gosh, its darn boring! boring till dont know how say. 16 already still darn immature. for some, not all i guess. and from the anticipated heated quarrel became a..... nvm i also duno how say. waste of time, in short. hahaa

headed to Burger King with Inez to find edwin after that!

well, he needed help with amaths so i met him up to tutor him.
gosh , some simple questions really took me quite long to sort it out lor!

after O lvls, everything's been thrown back to the teachers. hahaha.

and inez was bored, apparantly.

and so she kept on taking my pictures and complained saying :

"ehh all i can see is only your hair lor"

well, cause my head was bent down. HAHA.

anyways, received my enrolment package! for those who doesnt knows yet, please please go check your letterbox. hahas.

gosh, its a THICK envelope filled with so many infos. im supposed to digest them today and summarise to my mum. arghh. i see the fees like duno how many numbers then i dont want see already. LOL.

alrights, thats for yesterday i guess. was pretty worn out and hence im staying at home today!

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