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Jaslin doesnt likes to entertain in the cyber world.

a word of caution, if you dont know me personally and you've spoken to me on msn before, its best you dont read whatever thats below. anyways, i'll be a wordy long post. (:

call me weird or whatever, but i seriously dislike to put on a fake mask and go entertain whoever that talks to me on msn, when im obviously giving signs that i dont wanna talk to them, like "lol." "ha ha." sentences that never exceeds 5words in length.

you may ask me, "what for you go online then?"

PRECISELY. thats the fact why im always appearing offline. my main purpose is to avoid talking to people i dont wanna to. but at the end of the day, i end up with another group of curious people who'll give me endless questions of why i havent been online this and that, why appear offline this and that.

before i go on, i would like highlight that im talking about people whom i got to know through the cyber world. not my dear friends / classmates. you guys were great, im not talking about you. (:

anyways, back to track. yes you may say im dua pai (big-shot) but this is how i am for you. you may not understand why i'll feel this way, but how about i give you my senario.


- you've just reached home after a long tiring day.

- tired as you are, you logged on into MSN, hoping to spill your day's misfortune to a fren, have a good bitching session, and etc etc.

- but once you go online, lots of windows came popping up.

- you see the number for the msn chats happily jumpping from 1, to 2, and so on to 6~7.

- you click to see who they are, but out of those 6~7, you only know like 2 of them personally.

- you have no idea who the rest are, and the words "Intro please?" would always come after the word "Hi"


oh what a great night i have. after the intro please, they'll either proceed to ask where u live, current status and etc etc. if not, they'll just fade into your contact list, like an white elephant, these people probably wont be talking to you again in the next decade.

if that's the case, what for do you even add me? i cant reject every msn add, cause i have no idea if they happened to be my school mates or people i got to know personally.

and i seriously dont know why people asks for my identity when my BIG name is there as my msn nick. girls, im sure these rings a bell. and i feel that its darn retarded to reply my name again.

One other classic *roll eyes* example would be this :
*names had been changed.

Someotherguy : Hi!

✖ jaslin : hi.

Someotherguy: how do you do ?

✖ jaslin : hahas, rather fine.

Someotherguy: haha.
Someotherguy: why rather?
Someotherguy: not really fine?
Someotherguy: lol.

ohh sorry hunney, i dont know there's a standard reply to the words "how do you do".

so... lets say someone asks me, "how are you feeling?"
i should replying by saying "im feeling very very good! awesome! *claps*"

anyways, i guess i'll just end abruptly here. dont really wish to continue. makes my blood boil even more. and perhaps, to those who asks why do i sound fierce on the msn, this is the perfect little reason.


**yes, you may have countless sayings like oh, these people are just interested to know more about you. but im sorry hunney, im not your Miss Little Nice Girl; im not a replying machine. why should i give them my personal details when im not in the least interested to know them?

***or perhaps for those enraged
, you may say : hey bitch, who do you think you are? get a better look in a mirror and u should be glad that someone wants to know you. oh thank you for your compliment, but did i say i wanted to know you?

i go online to chat with friends, not to socialise, to entertain, and not in the least to do self introductory.


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