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okay okay, stop giving me that look. i know January 1st is long over.
it may be a little late, but it was because i still had no direction in life that time!

JC, Poly, remember?

and since my road's set for a poly, i have a goal! (:
okay other than these, of course i do include other resolutions! (:

#1. Business Studies, GPA 3.5

ahem ahem* okay dont give me that look again.

im not ashamed to say that i've yet to know what GPA stands for. all i know is i need to have a GPA of 3.5 in order to secure me a place in a University next time.

yes yes, i know its super hard cause its like every test i have to score like 90% and above! super challenging. but well, which course doesnt have its challenges? super stressful cause im in ngee ann poly where there are so many other ppl in this school, or whatever.

BUT, i want to get into a university. and i think, i might prefer all these than aceing GP and PW in junior colleges. gosh. i have a language phobiaaaa. LOL. im serious.

so, i have to, and MUST get a 3.5; or die trying hard.
(im wondering if i would regret saying this one year down the road. LOL)


you see, im not from a well-to-do family, despite seeing my house being so well furnished or etc. in fact, my family has a financial problem, and i feel really ashamed having to stretch my hand out and ask for money from my mum everytime.

moreover, ngee ann's fees are like $2100 per year, and i have to think of how to lessen this! im gonna search for all the financial help that my family could get when school starts. argh.

#3. Get myself a CAMERA! (:

its so IRONIC, i know! i just mentioned about saving earlier, and now im thinking of splurging it. LOL. well... my dad has yet to give me my birthday pressie for last year. and he said i can have anything i want! :x see how first, okay?

the main reason for getting a camera is because im sick of my 2 - MPixels phone! whenever i wish to blog my picture under a bigger resolution, everything becomes so pixelated. (or whatever u describe it?)

worse, a 2 megapixels phone cant bring anything much out from a picture. if you get what i mean. (: and btw, is digital camera. dont come telling me DSLR and such. ==


okay stop staring at those two words with your mouth agape. im AM not aneroxic, i must declare first.

you may think that im skinny, small sized and everything, what for slim down?

well.. who in the right sense of mind will go around showing their fats right?!?!

#5. ITS

It has got something to do with something that im not telling you!

hahaha. i have my reasons for not sharing with u guys. hehs. ask me, bug me, i still wont say. HAHA :x

okays i guess thats about all! :DDD
and by the way, do scroll down cause i did two posts today! (:

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