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hahas. was online yesterday and suddenly had the desire to go out. so managed to ask my audi friends out! its not a guild gathering actually. hahaha. cause only got those without school/work to come out. :D

met up with angie at cineleisure today at around 2pm! first time im punctual. hahaha. while the rest who were supposedly to meet us at 2pm all overslept! hahaha. hence me and angie lunched at Long John Silver's while waiting for others.

gosh, once my gastrics started acting up days ago, im getting it now and then! argh. while on the way to somerset my gastrics were giving me hell. feel so faint, and i guess it must be the blood glucose level. ehhh, i only morning never eat ma. torture me till like that.

ended up i waited for Angie at the MRT station instead. got seats ma. if not u want me to stand at cineleisure all the way meah! ):

anyways, ate only like half of the meal and im full. feel so guilty lor. LOL. sat and chatted with angie for like 2 hours (!) before HL came. shall nt call him gay on my blog. hahaha.

headed for KBox after he came while waiting for bobo, ash and homie to come. they were like complaining i only sang a song or two throughout the 2hours+. hahaha.

too bad i seldom listen to chinese songs
and i know very little about them! not i dont want sing ok! hahah. yea you may say "go sing english songs lor" . yah makes sense. but english songs are hard to sing! hehs.

met up with the others at around 7! went to accompany the others for dinner at the foodcourt. gave dinner a miss simply cause im really very full. eh, i have a valid reason!
dont nag me lahhs! all nagging me on my tagboard. @@

after that headed to the Coffee Club to have some sodas while we chatted. (: had a nice long chat before angie and homie went off earlier at 9.30pm. continued to talk until 10.40 before we decided to call it a day. hahah.

and im gonna be busy tmr again! ♥
long time since i had a busy schedule eh.

#1. gonna be my inez's model for the day for her photography.
i seriously have no idea what she wanna me to do. LOL. shall see how lahs :D

#2. off to tutor edwin on amaths in the evening! and inez's tagging along as well. hahaha.
gosh, i wanna be a tutor for emaths or amaths! any lobangs? i charge cheap. :D

** btw, the indo guy still bombarding my phone this morning lor! and i mean, MORNING!
those unearthly hours like 4.57am and he's still calling?!

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