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okays, i know i've post this pict before, but the main thing today is my phone!

argh, this phone is driving me crazy.

hmms lets see. okay currently, im using the red version of W910i. as what you can see in the desaturated pict above. its pretty common, so i believe u know which model im talking about.

this phone is less than 4 months old and its pissing the hell outta me! apparantly right from the first day i bought it, its already a FAULTY phone! to think i still paid about 300+ bucks over this little darling of mine. as my previous W850i is way spoilt as well.

what problems could it have? i believe sony users of this model should know, more or less i guess. like handphone restarting itself as and when it likes, invalid sim, lagginess and etc etc.

my problem is the INVALID SIM! from the first day, it already restarted itself due to invalid sim. so i thought its just a minor minor problem and i cant be bothered. who knows as time passes, my phone would just goes off itself due to INVALID SIM. not just once or twice, but is once EVERYTIME i managed to receive or send out a message.

can you believe how many times it restarted itself just within a day? considering that i message quite often. worse still, this phone has a temper of its own. ohmyfreakinggosh can! its like during some emergency cases where i have to make a call urgently, it just goes OFF, smiling at me with an "Invalid Sim" at the desktop. argh.

worse still, it requires like 5 or 6 restarts in a row to get back to my operator, before i decides to acknowledge my sim card. makes me effing pissed off!

and all of a sudden, i missed my previous white phone! its like less laggy than this red W910i, and its walkman media player's are much more user-friendly. okay although it also have its own problems.

anyways, you may ask why dont send for repair? well i've consulted a friend who also had the same situation with me. she said that her repairing took her THREE whole weeks, and in fact, her phone problem became worse! i cant afford to take that risk man.

ask me to wait for a bloody three weeks for my phone to be back, i think i'll be better off dead by then. if it COULD BE repaired, maybe i'll give it some thoughts. but what if it gets worse? i think i'll be pissed off to my coffin by then.

ANYWAYS. i have some people asking me why didnt i reply their messages or something. hmms, its not that i dont want to reply, but is that i DIDNT receive. gosh. there were times when i also couldnt send out some messages. not my fault ar!

and speaking about this, some irritating people from the INDONESIA bombarded my phone yesterday lahs! all the way from night time till midnight like 4+am in the morning.


i've asked around and people told me that numbers with a +62 infront comes from indonesia. (edited) this irritating GUY (i've picked up the call once) kept on calling! its not like those long ringing calls whereby his family member is dying or what you know. its clearly out to irritate me.

once the phone call gets through, he drops the call. you get what i mean? and when i didnt pick up his phone, he uses ANOTHER number to call. what's wrong with these cheena people? okay, his second attempt failed. and uses another number and so on.

1st attempt - +62 6281 3971 22994
2nd attempt - +62 813971 22994
3rd attempt - Withheld (means private number)
4th attempt - Unknown .

?!?!?!?!?!?! what's wrong with him. moreover, its not merely just a few calls.
its MORE than 30 plus missed calls from him can? non stop one you know. i was gaming ytd and my phone kept ringing and ringing, until i threw it onto my bed. well, i wanted to see to what extent he would go.

anyways, if you happen to be a reader from indonesia, i dont have any defamatory purposes. any problems, direct them BACK to this annoying indo bo liao guy. his phone number's here for all you want. urgh.

i dont have any friends nor relatives in indonesia lor!

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