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spot the extra. LOL.

Cycling at Pasir ris park!

Instead of East Coast Park, we decided to head down to pasir ris park as its more accessible! unlike ECP, where we have to change lots of modes of transport before getting there. anyways, met up with the rest at northpoint, while we headed there after lunch! (:

and instead of renting the lousy and expensive bikes at coasta sands, we walked all the way to the other side of the park to rent bikes! which is like way way cheaper.

its been years ever since i cycled like this! yes, it's been years. and i was kinda worried about my biking skills. especially after countless times of "almost falling" after using my bro's bike at home. cause his seats are still high for me despite setting them to the lowest level. who asked him to buy such a big bicycle.

anyways, we cycled for 3hours! covered quite alot of places too. first time i ever ventured out of pasir ris park with a rented bike. hahas. like we even rode to pasir ris town park, and then to HDB, and then one big round back to E! Hub. haha. we even went to a stable, and climbed a tower at the mangrove swamp there! quite a nice place for couples, actually. (:

by then, my legs almost got dislocated. LOL. im kidding, actually. hahaha. cause i was too tired! went back to adventure park to play for awhile and returned the bikes. (:

yea spot me. (:

and serious, im gonna swear to get myself a proper sandals or slippers next time.

my slippers' base sort of wore out and its like so slippery! cant climb high cause of that.
moreover, it nearly made me fall down for at least a dozen times on other occasions!

consequently, we then headed to the beach after the high tides subsided ( is this even the right word? ) . argh anyways, we saw lots of sea creatures! like sea urchins, this particular live worm, some dead crabs and also lots and lots of hermit crabs! i mean, live ones.

hahah. i think im gonna sound like some country bumpkin but its really my first time seeing them. hahas. other than those which i saw at Australia Gold Coast years back :D

and also, lots of seaweed. haha.

anyways, we went up to the breakwater there to sit :D hahahs. the sea breeze is simply awesome! :D its like u plug in your ear pieces and sit down there. hahah.

by sundown, we were walking back to E! Hub which was quite a distance away.
nearly had me killed again. hahas

dinnered at pastamania!

Pastamania had newly launched their membership cards and so i joined for 15 bucks! :D
for those who frequents pastamania, join join!

and after dinner, they were like discussing ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's day. and also helped to give kaixun some ideas. hahaha. but i guess he still have no idea what to do.

and the guys really opened my eyes you know. i didnt know they could actually make roses out of serviettes. hahah. and there they go, putting them into the straws of the cups. ==

after that, headed home first as the others wanted to go arcade, while my mum were yelling her lungs out over the phone. curfew thing, you know. but its weird. i dont have a standard time for my curfew yet everytime i'm always rushing home. argh. the moment i stay outside after 9pm, its almost doomsday for me.

walked back to take 39, but the bus took ages to come! i almost stood there for half an hour. and imagining how my mum would react when i reach home even later due to the bus, i decided to hail down a cab instead. (eh kaixun! stop saying im rich!)

didnt put my seat belts and i sort of fell asleep. who knows the taxi suddenly jerked forward. == luckily i didnt bang my head or anything. lols. anyways, the cab fare was surprisingly low. hmms.

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