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there's something which i seriously have to declare. =/

that is, my current status is


argh. my purpose of declaring this is not because i've just broken up with a boyfriend or anything, but because some of my readers was mistaken by my previous post days back.

im not and i wasnt in a relationship.
i did mention the word boyfriend in my previous post (days back) but it wasnt my boyfriend lahhhs. urgh. dont be so sensitive!

and by the way, since im talking about this topic, i might as well use this platform to voice out my thoughts and stand.

That is, I have no intention of getting into a relationship, right now.

im enjoying life with a single status, and i have no plans of getting into one. spare me those words like "I'll wait", "I'm serious" and etc etc. although i've yet to be in a relationship too many, i believe my past experiences had made me more clear-headed when it comes to this field.

i dont believe in love at first sight, and thats the way for me. im laying the cards out to you, and i hope you get i mean. yes, i may be a lil bit mean, but i dont like to give people false hopes. you're looking for another stop, to get pass your past love. no, you may say. but have you ever given some thoughts to it?

only time could heal all wounds, not a new love.

any comments regarding to this post are disallowed, and would be deleted. (:

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