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To be able to blog, is my greatest treasure found on the net.

yes, & im serious about it. for those who doesnt have a blog, maybe you should have one!

Why would i say this?
actually, it feels great to have my blog, where i blog about my own thoughts and opinions, my ups and downs in life, and many others. im not kidding you! (:

well, i have no idea where exactly should i start off from though. how about telling you guys why i'd feel this way. anyways, just for in case, everything written on this page is purely my point of view. (:

#1. Having a blog, keeps depression far far away from me. LOL.
hahah, im just starting off with something light. but rest assured im not crapping about it. hehs. how about taking a recent example, like my post about my O lvls results. no doubt, i was feeling real down about it at that point of time, and i've like totally poured out all my emotions and thoughts onto the page.

it keeps me from like you know, thinking too much and etc. in the past, whenever i think too much or etc, i'll always end up with a depressed mood. You know, whenever a person thinks too much, he or she would never be able to think straight. But when i've took up blogging as a platform to voice out my thoughts, it actually makes me have a clearer point of view about something.
Its like, when someone blogs, one would always have to think in order to come up with a post, right? and it's this thinking process, which suddenly gives me a clearer view and light about a particular matter. regardless of whether you're concious or inconcious,
havent you realised that you'll usually feel better whenever you've poured out your thoughts?

#2 Having a blog, connects me with the rest of this world.

You know, ever since i've graduated from high school (okay its actually chung cheng high school LOL), i'd rarely have the chance to catch up with my classmates, to rant about our daily activities, to update each others about my lives. yet with this blog, my friends can always know about what's going on about my life, and etc.

Besides my friends alone, it connects me with people whom i do not really know as well. (: like you know, i've posted about my single status the other day right? the next day, it seems like the whole world knew about it! that includes my gaming friends, cyber friends and others! hahas. anyways, that also includes my post about cyber friends. hahah.

its like, "oh jaslin, you no need say lahhs. i've read your blog about it. (: "

without having much to say, they actually knew what's going on. how i feel regarding a certain topic and etc etc. you know, it seriously warms my heart whenever someone whom im not close with tells me "im actually a reader of your blog". Its like, besides my close friends, there are actually many others who actually cares about me, who bothers to drop by my page.

im always getting a surprise at who my readers are each time, no matter what. just like my latest post about my eye infection. i've went online to game this morning, and they were like "heys, how's your eye getting?" or i've gotten messages from friends who were asking about my well being. (: thanks alot, thanks.

I'm really glad that i have many lovely readers, seriously. just this alone is able to save me from the deepest valleys to the sunniest highland. (rings a bell, mr lee?) haha.

#3 It interacts me with people, including those whom i do not know.
As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, and this definitely applies to everyone of us. Over the years, i have many people saying the same thing to me, like instead of thisthisthis character they've thought me out to be, i was actually of thatthatthat character.

its like "Oh.. i never knew you had such a gregarious character. i always thought u were.. .."
people who dont know me, might guessed that i was a much shy person, quiet, and etc if they were to only view my picture from friendster or from any other sources. It was only until they've they've chanced upon my blog or chatted with me, that i came under a different light.

or perhaps its also because of this, i found it much easier to communicate with others. its like, hey, they actually understand me! and also, i have much more topics to chat with them about, to discuss and gossip about a particular matter. my latest post was a very good example, haha.

I dont why that is it just me or others also feel the same, that blogging has became part of my life. for some posts, i might even be willing to spend an hour or two to churn them out, given the fact that i have time on hand. (: well, i do take up at least an hour or two to do a post each day. (: and in fact, i enjoy blogging.

for those who doesnt have a blog and have too much time to kill, you should start blogging!

I've asked many others why dont they start one. and they'll be like saying

"har, where got time?!"
probed further about what they were busy with, its actually gaming. hahaha. for the working class, its understandable. but for those gaming, i think its much more meaningful to blog than to game your day and night away! moreover, its aint gonna take up your whole day. (:

having a blog is just like having a personal diary. the only difference is that there'll be people reading it instead of being chucked away in a drawer if its a diary book.

your daily feelings and activities could be blogged down, and this platform also serves as a very good platform if you wish to see how much you've changed personally over the years. few years down the road and if you were to go back to your archives, you'll say :

"ohh, i didnt know i was like this and that in the past, .. .."
its like keeping track of your life. and its till then that you'll realised that you've actually grown up, and matured.

its never too late to start one you know, hahaha.

and last of all, its also because of you my lovely readers, that i have the motivation to keep on blogging, and definitely, this blog is, and will be my greatest treasure found on the net. (:

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