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i must say, i was really kept busy from day to day due to gatherings! into the 14th day of chinese new year, i was still hopping from friends to friends' house to bai nian! :D
saw and caught up with many of my friends whom i've not seen ever since O lvls ended! haha.

chinese new year was great.
getting angpaos was great.
having steamboat was great.

okay, maybe not. cause i've been like having steamboat almost every single day!
hmms, i'll go over it later :D


cause i've been taking a cab to and fro a time too many.

anyways, what a BIG muddlehead i can be!

a week or two ago when cny started, we've planned to go jonathon's and shenxiong house for gathering and steamboat on 5th January! (thursday)

so all along, i thought is was on a friday. friday. friday. so, i went out happily on thursday afternoon and went to AJC to find sy deardear with ama darling. headed to amk to shop and even intended to watch movie! bought movie tickets, ate lunch, and shenxiong called!

i was like : "HUH? today? today go your house? today what date? dont cheat me laa.."

it was then that i check with my friends that it IS really 5th january. gosh. and im like caught at amk hub. sadly, i have to hurry home to change, and wasted my movie tix. and mind you, my hurry meant i cabbed home. luckily it wasnt peak hour.

changed and cabbed down to jonathon's house again. ever since my ez-link turned into an adult card, i've realised that taking a cab is far more worth it than standing and waiting for trains and buses. but sadly, what an expensive lesson learnt from being a muddlehead. ahh!

went over to shengxiong house after jonathon's house for steamboat!

sx was like saying he cant see his house floor cause its packed with people sitting around and gambling! hahah.

and seriously, my luck's been going down after that idotic dick showcaser.

lost like 6 bucks at jonathon's house, but luckily i managed to recover some losses at sx house. (: so lost about 3 bucks for that day. im glad. decided not to play already and watched tv! was super hungry while waiting for dinner!

nic, anne, germain and celesta!

sadly after the steamboat, was having a splitting headache and decided to go home early.
so i wasnt in any pictures! hahah. with my eye infection, i also avoided the camera lens. haha.

While on Saturday, went over to germain's house around evening time! cabbed there again, cause my mum didnt allowed me to step out of the house lest i finished the housework.

by the time, its already pretty late! so cabbed over to admiralty. gosh, its expensive with the peak hours and all these. anyways, blackjacked again, and lost money!!

im seriously gonna curse the dick showcaser. i swear! my luck all gone!

headed to kaixun's house after that anyways :DD had steamboat (again!) there and it was pretty good! cause its like one steamboat pot was just shared among like 4 to 5 people. hahah. ate alot! drank alot! coke please, not alcoholic drinks LOL.

after dinner and these bunch of people were like having a Moment of Truth game.
and they started asking about relationship stuffs. darn funny. LOL.
and they kept turning the topic back to me and ask .__.

after that continued with blackjack! we do look like a bunch of hardcore gamblers. TSK TSK. well, but what is there to do other than this? hahah. again, won abit (like 3 bucks only?!) and recovered some of my losses at germain's house again. so lost 3 bucks at the end of the day.

samuel was the banker for the day, and im GLAD i left early! guess what! he had like awesome luck that day. and know what? his earnings for the night totalled up to more than a 100 bucks! gosh. cause some of the guys were losing, and they increases stakes in hope to win back more also.

who knows, banker had ban-luck and they had to pay doubles! at the end, the banker treated everyone to cab home. hehs. luckily i left early! :DD anyways, i left early due to curfews. i freaking detest them! luckily i reached home at 10.59p.m. LOL.

anyways, guess i ate too much at kaixun's house and my stomach wasnt feeling too well for the whole night! and it lasted till morning! felt like vomiting but nothing comes out. lols. met up with shengyao and belson to head to nicolette's ahgong's place this time! steamboat again!!!!

wasnt feeling too well, so i gave the steamboat a miss. haha. played mahjong and blackjack to pass time. luck wasnt too well in the beginning. so i lost about 10 bucks, including the losses at the mahjong table. luckily, my lady luck smiled soon later and i earned back my losses! for blackjack, i managed to win like 30 bucks from 50 cents stake each time. happy :DD

this evening, we headed to edwin's house again. hahaha. his mum prepared a spread for us and we had dinner there! stayed for awhile before the others headed to Bottle tree (should be) for prawning! since it was too late, cabbed home again in a white Limo-taxi this time. LOL. see, i almost turned into a rich girl.

and as for today which is the last day of CNY, my mum treated us to dinner at HongKong Cafe today! a piece of advice to share with u guys, never order baked rice from there. baked rice from pasta mania is way way nicer! :D but their curry chicken is nice at HK cafe.

i had a fun-filled 15 days of happy new year! :D

and anyways, im going for an interview tmr. wish me luck, please.
and also, to go to town to fix my phone. seriously irritating!!
and also, im gonna go shopping once again! wheeets.

and also, Boys Before Flowers is a nice korean show. watch it!
i cried a few times while watching it. LOL.

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