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AHH, finally some proper time to update ! im so sorry as these few days its just work and play, play and sleep. hahaha. you see, there's nothing interesting to update, neither is there anything which inspires me to blog. LOL.

well i gotta say, although work is fun, but it simply took most of my time away ! it was until i went northpoint today and i was like "ahh, its been awhile ever since i last came here!"

gahh, where's my shopping trips and movie marathons ?! i can hardly find time for that. gahhh, anyways, requested to leave earlier from work today. watching movie with Zixian ! and speaking of zixian, it's been pretty awhile since i last met him too. LOL.

we had always been jioing each other out when there's a new horror film up, but everytime i put aeroplane. LOL. ehh, its HARD to find horror movie kaki lor ! aiya anyways, met up with him at 7 to watch the movie "Coming Soon"

ok here's the short movie plot grabbed from yahoo :

Chain (Chantawit Tanasaewe), a young projectionist, decides to join Yod's (Worakan Rojanawat) mission to illegally record a newly released horror movie. Chain falls asleep during the screening and wakes up to find that Yod has already disappeared and left his camera behind. Suddenly, the horror movie that they were watching in the cinema starts to happen to them in real life.

ask me and perhaps i'll just rate it a 2/5.

okay story plot wise, its not bad. unlike those mediocre storylines you'll get from other horror movies. like example, explore haunted house / ghost busting ---> meet ghost ---> ghost haunts after them ---> die one by one. tata !

but the main reason i'll rate it 2 is cause the scenes keep re-enacting, over and over, till it gets boring over time. zixian and i were like discussing "why the actors so stupid one ah" . really, they're really dumb LOL. everything done at night, blah and blah. well, with a few laughs here and there.

well for the ending, its also pretty sudden. but expected. the only redeeming point is the female actor is damn damn chio ! ok la not darn chio, but she IS pretty !! hahaha. i was like telling zixian "ehh, she so pretty, why must she ---- " LOL. i shall not be a spoiler here.

catch it if you want, but i rather wait for the movie "The Unborn" . out on 26th March i guess. just watched the trailer yesterday. seems like it can be compared to "Quarantine". hahaha. see how la! (:

more updates tomorrow. (:

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