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alrights, a short update for the day before i head off to study my pillow !

anyways, work had been pretty fun all along. and my boss was very good to me.
he cooked lunch for me! and also.. he let me knock off early! wahahaha. ok lah not exactly cook lunch for me. cause i was to test out something that's gonna be on the menu soon.

hehs. i guess you get a slight hint about what type of place im working at.



OffRoads Cafe !!

the shop front.

and also... throughout my time... i get to play with.....


wahahaa. the next best thing is that it is JUST below my block! okay not exactly below as well. just that it takes less than 2mins to reach the shop. HAHA. my workplace convenient anot. :D

hmms, i can tell u this shop aint just selling bubbletea lor. lots of food and snacks coming along the way and i cant wait for themmm ! bubbletea is just a small part of the menu. hehs.

besides,.. i can make any drink i want myself ~! drinks on the house. hahahah. i didnt knew that iceblended drinks had the most complicated steps compared to redtea or snowshakes. hence.. im still learning ! afterall its only my second day at work. hahaha. i know how to make redtea milktea coolers and showshakes alreadyy!

and seriously, i think the drinks here are BETTER than those u get at SweetTalk! im not exaggerating lor. but those who stay around my area should come and try.

and so... this afternoon i mixed this and that, that and this for my drink. LOL. its much more fun working here than at Popular lorr ! moreover, workload isnt as much and i get to slack most of the time. wahahah.

spick and span~

and again.. the boss (got 2 boss btw) were very nice ! i even get to use my phone during work. hahahah. of course, not when there are customers around laa ! and today when my mum, my bro and his gf came tgt to see around dinnertime , the boss ask me to go home for dinner. moreover, he gave me a drink to bring home ~

and ohya. the worktime is super flexible lor. the other time i was telling my friend i wanna find a job that enables me to wake up late in the day like 1pm+. then he say i siao !!

hehs. but since my shift is only from 3pm to 9pm... i get to sleep till 2pm everyday! wahahahah. wake up at 2pm is considered early for work lor. LOL. cause i just needa bathe and can go down liaos. and also... i can still game till early morning everyday~ hehs.

this type of money nice to earn rights ! somemore still very fun. hahaha. right now.. i still have got loads to learn! learn how to do simple cooking, do iceblended drinks, waffle and etc. heh. gotta familiarize myself with the things and speed up my speed. pay rise would then be on the way~

come visit me when you're free la! i'll make drinks for you! hehs. if you have no idea where it is, its along yishun ring road. HAHA. i know yishun ring road is darn big. so happy finding for those who have no idea where i live.

hehs.. till then. TOODLES!

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