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Chalet at Safra Resort @ Changi !

hehs. i must say, this is my virgin stay at a chalet located at changi! firstly, for all my previous chalet outings, it was usually the teachers who helped us book, and so its either at costa sands or aloha. secondly, for the superstitious one, changi is of course a big no-no.

and this time round, i went with my fam (guild) mates in audition. and of course, i didnt tell my mum it was changi chalet. LOL.

transport wise, i would say everything was looked into. hahah. thanks alot to ahgong (just a nick, not my real ahgong ah) who came driving down to yishun to pick me up ! after that went to punggol, hougang and tenah merah to pick the others! (:

he was driving a lorry btw. but it was raining cat dogs that afternoon. so basically those who had to sit behind got drenched to the skin!

went to check in after that ! everything was pretty well-furnished much to my surprise. its like a mini bungalow, and its wayy prettier than those pool terraces u get at Aloha Loyang. trust me when i say that.

even the rooms were very cosy ! and for facilities wise, you dont have to go renting everything forth and back from the reception. like what u get at downtown. heh. stuffs like mahjong table, DVD player, all these and that were provided. if u wan anything else, just as call away and it appears at ur doorstep. LOL.

so next time u guys know where its better to book a chalet eh. but then again, the drawback is that its pretty inaccessible there. so consider that place only when someone is driving. (:

anyways, the whole of first day was rotted away in front of the TV for the girls, while it was the ashtray for the guys. i tell you, they can smoke away the whole day one lor! and the girls had secondhand smoke for the whole day also. hahaha.

as not everyone had reached, we cant do much but rot around as well. played blackjack during the evening while waiting for ahgong to be back to bring us out to eat. but who knows we waited and waited all the way till 1am+ ! ended up cooking instant mee first. hahah.

seriously, we glued our eyes to the TV lor. hahaha. played dare and dare game again till 4+ before we decided to go out for lorry ride + visit ghost house since ahgong is back. heh.

at the back of the lorry! long time since i sat in one.

wanted to go Red house one. but in the end they decided to go Old Changi Hospital ! gosh, we all know that place is freaking hell 'dirty' lorr. but bo biann, go tgt lorr ! but before that, we went for a drive at changi to see ah guas ~

and once again, im like a country bumpkin. HAHA. well, i dont go to changi often. cause we went at around 4am +, only manage to see 4 ahguas. the first one we saw was quite ok. the rest of the three ah, cannot make it lorr!

yes i must say they're darn thin and tall + got features, but once u see their face.... heh.

alrights, all of the pictures would be credited to spi.com.sg and yahoo. and for this picture above, is how the changi hospital look like in the day laa.

since there were police at the other exit, we had to make our way up the hill from the other way.

and this. this was were we climbed to go up. i can tell u although i loved watching horror movies, i didnt felt like going in ! well, afterall this place is well known for its dirtyness. and mroeover, bobo dear already spooked me up during the lorry ride LOL.

while heading up, the eleven of us bumped into 3 other people who were going in as well. so we decided to walk tgt to make the number even. at first i thought we were just gonna walk AROUND the hospital. who knows they headed for the side door ! means going into the hospital laa.

angie and i were still grabbing each other lorr. at first i was still mumbling "har?! i dont wanna go in leh!"

but no choice, followed with the flow and we walked in. its simply pitch dark inside! had to let those with torchlights to lead the way. there were lots of glass bits on the floor and fallen attena / aircon pipes hanging from the ceiling.

it scared the hell outta me when i turned and i saw a doll hanging on the ceiling looking at me! quickly looked down and nobody really paid attention when i mentioned that. LOL. its really a doll! not aircon pipe/hanging wires. not those barbie doll as well (LOL), but stuffed doll. aiya didnt really go see also.

and who knows, they started to look for a way up the building! i kept "har"-ing all the way LOL.

i guess this is one of the hallways. its pretty spooky when u see the moonlight shining onto the empty rooms, with lots of graffiti on the walls, abandoned sofas, this and that. and there were aircon pipes hanging from the roof almost everywhere!

as the other 3 person which joined us had done some research about the building, we let them lead the way. tell you, there were certain moments where my hairs really stood on end man. i kept on grabbing to homie most of the times. HAHAH.

so there were two places we went looking for. one is the mortuary and the other was the wards after walking about. and so, we went fumbling around and they led us to an underground place as the so called 'mortuary'. but there isnt much stuffs there. rmbed seeing only 3~4 empty rooms.

oh and by the way, we even went to the surgery room!

as they said that the access to the wards were blocked off from the building in which we were in, we had to make our way out and climbed another step of stairs up a hill which were well hiden among the bushes and stuffs.

this time, the stairs were in a worse state. gosh man. and so we went to this building looking around. most of the stuffs looked pretty the same. i didnt really get to see the wards. cause we were walking around the second level and we came about this longgggggggg hallway leading us else where.

i think that i saw a figure/shadow of an oldman/uncle sitting at the right side deep into the hallway. dont know if its just my imagination or what. LOL. anyway, it was around that time when bobo dear mentioned that she heard a sound coming from a stick or something. dont know lol.

ahgong also mentioned that he and angie heard a growling voice coming from a metal pipe (sld be) when they walked slower behind us. well, he purposely walked behind so that it would be quieter - so that it would be quieter.

well, i believed the 14 of us made quite a din inside there. LOL. speaking of the longgggg hallway, we had attempted to cross over but gave up as its all mudddy and wet at the front part. gave up and decided to leave the building after that. *phew.

i tell youuuu,.. a BIG RED ANT bit my foot while we're making our way to the lorrrry ! cause we took the shortcut down the hill, there isnt any proper pavement/walkway. i still thought i stepped on some glass pieces. homie had to PLUCK the ant away from me as the ant refused to budge when he tried brushing it away three times.

its SUPER SUPER pain lorr. and just as i was trying to see the bite, my other leg got bitten. ahhhhhhhhh! angie and i freaked out and we rann all the way LOL. eh, dont laugh. its still very pain now ok!

anyways, i did some research when i came home today. and i came across this so called
torture-chamber thing. it was said that the walls this room in the HOSPITAL was made of thick solid concrete, with metal chains with one end set loose and the other end securely fixed on the wall.

what a pity we didnt manage to come across this there. hmmm. well, they said this was once a military hospital used by the japanese. hmmmm. hmmm. besides, the mortuary was said to be closed, so the so called 'mortuary' we visited was just another underground room.

for more info you can read them up at :


anyways, back to our chalet stuffs. yet another spooky incident. after ahgong drove all of us back to chalet, he has to drive home to prepare for work as well. so according to him, when all of us got off and he makes his way, he saw an old man sitting right beside him. (zomg)

i think he remained calm and continued to drive, and the old man disappeared after some time. minutes after that again, he said that all his hairs were standing on ends for 10 seconds for no apparent reason. gosh lorr. and so according to my friend, he quickly made calls to us. and no wonder i had a missed call from him as well. hmm hmmm.

anyways, chatted for a while more before we decided to hit for the pillows. hahha. slept around 5+ near 6. woke up at around 10 before going back to sleep again during 12+. hahaha

lots of funny funny things happened which i shall not elaborate! -skipppp-

anyways, woke up during evening time and by then, most were preparing for the bbq ! ash was darn funnny. look how he bbq those vege. hahaha. super cute can. LOL. well, there was rly lots and lots of food that we cant even finish! got chicken chops, lamb chops, beef satay, shitake mushroom and others! kejun and irene came to join us after that.

had a mini bdae celebration for kejun, chatted and gossip and by then its midnight again. hahah. since all were present for the second day, played another round of dare and dare! and this time the dare(s) were worse. if you were given french kissing, thats already considered EASY. LOL.

and ooops, we have a guy and guy frenching. HAHA. first time i see a guy french another guy. and we also have three guys frenching at th same time!

darn funnny. as there were lesser girls, its usually the guy kena another guy. LOL. luckily, i was spared from french kissing. waahaha. as for what i had for my dares, its for me to know and for you to find out. heh heh.

played till 3+ before some got KO-ed and went to sleep. guess they have work today. and since some were going off at 5am+, the rest of us bunked in a room and chatted all the way to accompany them. heh. managed to catch some proper sleep at 6am+ before my blanket got ripped away at 9am+. LOL.

to make matter worse, i was in my short shorts as i forgot to bring my FBT ! super colddddd. had to wake up early cause the check out time was pretty early.

so after some packing up, wei was kind enough to send night, homie, yunhui and me home. while they lived in the east, i felt damn paiseh cause he drove all the way to yishun. hahaha. thanks la kor :D

and anyways, many thanks to the organisers and especially the elders. hahaha. they really took care of most of the things and especially those who had to constantly drive out to buy packed food and bbq items. hehs.

ok. chalet aside, i think im super smelly now i went to bed straight when i got home. HAHAHHAHA. and also, its past dinner time and its time i hit for the shower! hahahahahah.

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