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Family function @ Bottle Tree Park !

hmmm wait. is it park? ahh no idea. its just the place near khatib mrt ! family function cause my aunt just strike 4D big time ! and hence a dinnertreat ~ and im glad its so near to my house. LOL. i dont get it as to why we have to wear till so glamourous, when its just a 10min trip away from my doorstep.

heh. my mum and bro's gf were dressed to the nines, while my bro and i just cant be bothered. LOL. i wore slippers, they wore heels. heh. then my mum was like saying "eh you wear until like that, dont walk beside me" LOLLL.

actually i wanted to write something here. but halfway i went gaming. and now i forgot what i want to write !! ahhhhh.

anyways,.. it was a pretty pretty evening! pink skies! hahaha. that pict was taken on the cabb. eh, im not the one paying cab fare, so stop nagging about it. LOL

so many ppl prawning~ but i hardly see any prawn !

i gotta say, there are sure drawbacks being the eldest girl in the family tree. LOL. cause im always draggged to go out walk walk with them. lol ! really lorr.

Cousin A : ehh mummy, i want go around walk walk
Cousin B & C : ehhh!! i also want to goooooooo !!!!!

their mums : outside ah. okay if your jiejie(which is me) go then you all can go
LOL. and there goes my three cousins, pulling me by the arm. tsk tsk !

well, i gotta say its pretty around there at night ! hehs. dinner totalled up to S$600++ ! my stomach almost exploded ! ahhh, their chilli crab is nicee ! muacksssss.

hmmm anyways, back to work today ! hahaha. one week nv mix drinks already. so outta touch !! went to shop today and faster familiarise myself with those drinks. i super miss them ! one week never drink them as well ! now im starting to think, sweettalk drinks are NOT nice. LOL.

by the way, something to recommend you ! if you're feeling super thirsty, try
strawberry+ orange + mango iceblend ! the taste is very nice and refreshing! better than fruit punch LOL. i've been drinking it almost everyday! ehhh, quality guarenteed only at OffRoad Cafe. LOL. other places u drink not nice dont come after me ah.

and anyway, my boss's son is super duper cuteeee! when i was going home after work today, he keep on shouting "JIEJIE BYEBYE!, JIEJIE BYEBYE!" at first i didnt hear, cause my mind was preoccupied with other things. it was then when i walked like more than 15 metres away then i heard !

LOL. he kept on shouting and shouting, waiting for me to turn my head. hahahah he's so cute! but of course, im cuter!

hmmms, im in a good moood + bitchy mood today. LOL.

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