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hahah. it seems like everyone knew i went to OCH ! had been telling people about my lil adventure inside there. hahaha. well, if you guys got chalet then why not pop by there la ! (: can experience for yourself. i may consider going in for the second time now. hmmmm.

okay anyways, sorry for the late updates cause i had been trying to finish editting the photos ! now there's even more lining up their way. ahh. well anyways, went down to Bugis on Friday with Inez, Amanda, Kailing and Nicole !

ama darling ! im so so darn jealous of her ! see, she had her hair-dye done! arghhh. when's gonna be my turn. im so so sick of my BLACK hair ! my mum still forbids me from dyeing my hair, but i guess im still gonna do it sooner or later. just that i'll inform her after i've dyed my hair. LOL.

anyways, the main purpose of the day was to get more pictures done for my/inez's portfolio. hahaha. i saw the pictures taken for the photoshoot earlier, and it turned out pretty good ! (: venue was supposedly at Haji Lane. but since its raining, decided to have lunch and shop around Bras Besar !

and there we went into this shop with lots of guitars, be it classical, accoustic or electric ones. so inez and kailing was strumming away to pass time. wahahah. oh my tian, i saw a guitar which costs S$58,000.000 !

and yes, this is haji lane ! i must say, each shophouses boasts their different style ! and of course, graffitis can almost be seen on every pillar !

now who does this person resembles? hahaha

while walking down the lane, we went popping into several shophouses ! most of them had a vintage touch to it !

and finallly, we got to where we wanted ! not as good as i thought it out to be. hahaha. anyways, took some shots there. and there were one time when inez asked ama, nicole and me to stand tgt with our backs facing her, one angmoh just turned and requested for a picture!

hahahah. so funny! its like one taking picture from front, one taking from back. LOL.

without desaturation,

decided to call it for a day and we turned to Arab street !

doesnt this reminds u of the streets of Thailand? hahaha.

you gotta agree with me! cause ama darling and i had the same sentiments

continued to walk around for abit ! it was only near to evening that ama and i got to shop! wahahah. well, im itchy to shop since days ago ! hahaha. but i guess inez wasnt feeling well so she headed home first with the others ! (:

oh yes, you may suddenly ask why i have so many off days and why aint i working, its because the cafe isnt open! hahahh. its because my bosses are taking off days to accompany their kids to go overseas. originally, work is supposedly to be resumed today. but my boss called me to say they aint back in town yet!

hahaha. so i get my off day till monday ~ wannna visit me then come on monday! anyways, had a family function earlier on. will update once im done editing the photos !

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