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my new acer lappy at last! muacks! ♥
if not chio i gonna whack people liao. LOL. okok i know fujitsu or leveno (or whatever laa~) has prettier models like lappys in PINK, my bro advised me to get an acer one. afterall he's pretty clear with the different brands and etc.

anyways.. early in the morning rise and shine ! cause i have work in the afternoon, decided to head down ngee ann poly in the morning to get my lappy! my mum took leave i suppose. heh. and i've finally done my online enrolment thing for my course. so... mostly everything's settled !

hmms, everything was quite smooth i suppose. got my lappy straight away and gotta rush back home. waited darn long for the bus 61 at ngee ann there! heh. finally after 20mins the bus came.

and guess who i saw? i saw zhiyan !

hahaha. my mum and i was like seated at the seats where it faces the back of the bus, and zhiyan smsed to ask if i was on bus 61. i was like "huh?", looked around and i saw him ! hahah. its been pretty long ever since i last saw him. heh.

anyways, homed after that and had a tiring day at work. i still thought its gonna be another slack slack day due to the drizzle. ahhh. nevermind. -skipppp-

days ago, i went to a mama shop near my house after work and i saw THISSS!


hahaha. that day my friends and i were still talking about this. saying that its prices skyrocketed, hard to find and etc etc. to think i managed to find this! hahaha. ok lah, lets take ShopNSave and 7-11 out of this picture kay?

and anyways... its been very very very long ever since i last ate it and i still thought its those egg-shaped chocolate with toys inside a orange container inside. who knows they had the packaging changed!

ok la.. i know i sound like some childhood deprived country bumpkin but who cares !

its packaging intrigues me alot, and my mum were saying me siao.
cause i got very excited about eating it, and i kept "ehhh, you see! its like that one leh!"


really really! then when i saw this chocolate, i was like "huhh, how come like that already? ehh, still got two milk choco on top leh!!! "

and there goes my mum giving the -.- look. LOL

and wahahaha.. guess whats inside.

anyways, I STILL MISS those orange containers (or whatever u call it) where the toys are kept inside! and....

here you go.

some weird looking squid / mudskipper or whatever la! LOL.
so you're supposed to throw it from a distance and do duno what with it lah. hahahah.

im gonna get myself another one ! waahaha.

anyways.. right now im gotta go make love with my lappy already.

muacks ♥

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