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just in case you guys cant rmb how my previous blogskin looks like, i have an ss for you! well,.. to make comparisons with my current one!

how's my new blogskinnn?!?!

its VERY vintage right !!

now what do you guys think ?! hahaha im so excited over it! lets see..

1. i forgo-ed my white blogskinn! im missing it a lil now.

2. everything's been enlarged ! well, it was only until when i owned
a lappy, THEN.. i realised how small my previous fonts were. gotta strain my eyes !

3. i made a very big big big mistake which i've JUST only realised!

4. im loving this blogskin to bits! especially when the page loads to my blog! ♥

anyways,.. speaking of the big big big mistake / blunder i made, it is that i DIDNT know that others could not view my font (those specially downloaded ones) unless they too, had downloaded the specific font.

i dont know if you'd get it, but how about a SS to explain it. you see, as i was doing up my blog, i chose this particular font for the headings. e.g. Notes, Profiles.. etc etc.

Well, this what i see from my desktop. who knows when i go over to my lappy to view my blog,... the font is so FREAKING UGLY! i think should be Arial ! it was only when everything started to dawn on me. arghhhh.

so no choice, now i have to choose one of the better looking ones from the default font list. nevermind about this, but what about my previous blogskin? arghhh! everything must have looked freaking ugly from you guys' comps. )):

BUT oh wells.. dont talk about it le. hahahaha. IS MY BLOGSKIN NICE ?

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