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omg i love the outcome of this pictt !
like as thou it speaks a million words. hahaha.

anyways... seems like my new skin is really not bad.
wahahha. over the mooon!

anyways.. speaking about work, i dont know what happened but the number of customers suddenly balloonnned ! today working non stop! unlike the usual days when i can slack outside the shop.

its either im busy with orders, or im busy with replenish the creamers/milktea cooking pearlls ! super busyyy. made me so tired at the end of the day ! moreover now im reporting to work an hour earlier. which means one hour lesser of sleep!

goshhh. anyways,.. been mixing drinks up and i got one conclusion. dont try mixing lemon with other flavours. spoils the whole thing ! I still thing the strawberry + mango + orange nicer. hahahah. like what it's shown above.

im so worn out today! and by the wayy.. i shall tell you how small the world is HAHAHHA.

Firstly, it turned out to be that my dad was once their supplier for their other outlet in woodlands !! so he knows who my dad is!

Secondly, angie and gary had came over to yishun to find me from tampines. and who knows... angie knows my boss! it turned out to be that angie frequented his outlet which is located at tampines !! hahahaha. small world isnt it.

3rdly, i know who my boss' son is !! ngee ann redcampers.. im sure you guys do remember the guy who was requested to shake his ass infront of all? (the guy whom they say he represented ngee ann poly in whatever dancesport competition) the guy who's the SL for Apaches?

yes yes he turned out to be my boss' son. HAHAHHA. now is the world small enough~?

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