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oops. im so sorry i hadnt been updating as frequently. cause i've been pretty busy with my work and online stuffs. hehs. but dont worry, now i wont bore you with words and more words in this post!

alot of MY pictures okay? hahah. actually i had wanted to do this post some time ago.. but kept putting it off till now. hmmm. anyways.... there's something which i gotta rant on.


why would i say this?

seriously, im getting pretty sick by the number of times people ASSUMED me as an ahlian after looking at my picture, be it on MSN or through friendster & etc etc.

so what exactly prompted me to do this post? hmmms i shall show you a classic extract of a chatlog i had with some online guy the other time.

Him : Hi
Me : Oh, hi.
Him : mind to intro?
Me : Jaslin, 17.
Him :
Oh.. ahlian.
Me : huh?

Him : your dp. ahlian what.
Me, *asdfkgjh* :
lols. im not ahlian please.
Him : aiya, which ahlian will say they are ahlian

stupid right? tell you, by then i already felt like strangling his neck through the comp lor.
im like "askfgadkfj" already. i should have rebutted by saying : "then you look like some ex-jailbird who looked like he had just done some glue sniffing" or something.

then i'll continue to say : "which ex-jailbird will openly tell everyone they were once one?"
or maybe : "which glue sniffer will tell people say they are glue sniffer?"

just DUMB lor. and these hasnt been happening just once or twice. the picture above was my msn display picture at that time. yes i agree while that picture do make me look like some typical ahlian who smokes and utter vulgarities at any moment, BUT please...


i've took out some pictures from my folder, some ranges from a few days old to pictures which were taken a year ago. now in which way do YOU think that i look like one?

gosh i seriously cant fathom what these people are thinking lor.

in fact, i DISLIKE and DETEST being compared and put on the same level as those step-lian or whoever that is. if those people doesnt even know a single bit about me, i guess its better to keep those words to themselves .

since when do you see me using words like "knn" "cheebye" on my blog or be it in realife? and also, i dont really enjoy speaking words of greetings with regards to each other's parents lor. tsk tsk. if you get what i mean. hahaha.

or maybe perhaps you may say its because of my DRESSING.

but im sorry but to label you as "DENSE".

i've asked around about what comes to their mind if they were to think of ahlians. so.. i'll usually get answers like :

- super straight hair, like as if they've just gone under the iron.
- cardigan with tube/tanktop/slogan tee
- short shorts
- skinnies

im sure many of you agree with this, right? cause i myself personally agrees with it too. sad to say, why must these be labeled together with the word "AhLians" on everyone's mouth.

cause personally, i have many tanktops at home, or if not you'll usually see me in some slogan tees. AND also, i do have long rebonded hair. BUT that does not NECESSARY label me as an ahlian please.

any girl wearing those does not mean they are one, right? so i dont get what's the big deal. unless you've seen them utter vulgarities and greeting other people's parents, its best you dont make judgement.

or perhaps you may say its because Ahlians do style their hair. make it big ass or emo-kind, accompanied with thick or shimmering eyeliners on their eyes.

but im sorry, its not as if that ONLY ahlians can style their hair lor.

why must everything be categorised and mentioned alongside with them. i dont see the reason, seriously. maybe its just because those girls does it MORE frequently. but it doesnt means we cant, isnt it?

tsk. so lets say...

guys who style hair = AhBengs?

buey tahan ahhh ! and again, i must emphasize,..

do NOT put me on the same level as them !!!

firstly, i do not have attitude problems, i do not smoke, i do not hang around voidecks, i do not utter vulgarities or profanities, neither do i like to greet people's parents. Period.

and also, im not those emo shyt people who slit their wrist on the slightest issue. im proud to say that I, do not have any scars on my hand /anywhere on my body due to penknife, please. i love myself, very much. unlike those who doesnt knows how to cherish themselves.



ok anyway, im expecting a few readers to flare up after reading this. yea flare up and defame me for all you want. but all these would just prove me wiser on my point of views, and make yourself look dumb. heh. (:

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