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Today... is such an emotion filled day. argh.

firstly, i was darn happy in the afternoon cause my boss called me to tell me to report for work tomorrow. heh. i waited his call for like 3 whole days ! and he finally called !!! wahahah. shall not tell u what the job is about. keep u all in suspense. wahahaha.

really super happy can. cause i think the job will be very fun. although pay not good lahhs. but still, its interesting. secondly, i need not rot at home ! yay yay. *jumps on the bed screaming about. LOL.

but thenn later into the day... i saw something which really made me moody. argh.
they says forbidden fruit tastes bitter. how true that was.

&& i guess its one of the rarer times when im actually feeling down AND im blogging about it. hmm hmmm. gosh i have mood swings !

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