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yippee yippee yayy; i've finally received my letter from ngee ann poly! was pretty worried over the past few days and had been hurrying mum to open the letter box.

well, cause the freshman orientation camp was long over and i kept wondering why hasnt my business sch orientation camp info arrive! i still thought im gonna miss it out. hahaha. well anyway, im in Ghetto Rap 4 ! anyone of the same group?

i seriously cant wake for poly sem to start! it beats rotting at home or rotting at the shop. hahaha. and yes yes yes. im gonna have my hair dyed soon! okay,.. maybe NOT. HAHAHA.

speaking about work...

i made LOTS of serious mistakes at work, for consecutive two days! goshh. its not about preparing wrong drink or what (thats minor) . hmmms, and on a second thought i shall NOT blog what the mistakes are. hahahaha!

else you guys go report on me mar! anyway, a new full timer will be reporting for work tmr. and i have to teach her the ropes. AHHHH im lazy! and im not good at it. and perhaps i shall purposely take leave? wahahaha !

p/s - my lappy desktop background is super cute! hahahahahaha~

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