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BaOC Day 3 !

hahaha. woke up late again, and hence HAD to take a cab again. and i was so irritated that morning! cause 3 of my cabs got snatched. gahhh ):

you see, i got down at around 10.40am, waited very longg for a cab! they were changing shifts so not much taxis around. so there were this two ladies standing somewhere behind me (not too far away either) waiting for a cab as well.

who knows they started to walk away to the bustop infront. then who knows a cab suddenly pop up and off they hired the cab! gahhh. ): shall not mention the other 2 laa. haha. by then it was alr like 11.07 when i got into the cab. ooops. but of course, i turned up late la :D

practiced some cheers before we headed to convention centre. day 3 is mostly about performances! some were really crappy and hilarious. hahah. everything so far-fetched. sat there for very long! sit until butt painn~

everything ended around 6 ! by then we were snapping pictures away. haha.
look at the SLs who climbed to the top of the banner


hahaha i really pity the guy at the bottom LOL. cause he was like lying on the ground resting, then suddenly people started saying 'taupok taupok'. hahaha then the biggest sized guy went to taupok him LOLLLL. and i mean, really BIG. hahaha.

and then while leaving tgt for dinner, something real funny happened LOL.

so we were like singing "we say thankyou, we say thankyou" x4 times

and so the opposite group replied by singing "we say welcome, we say
welcome" x4

then since we really want to go alr, we reply "we say byebye,
we say byebye"

who knows they replied "we say f*** you, we f *** you" LOOL.

then the girls in our group go like ohmygod and stuffs. and our SLs
best. they started singing "We say f*** me, we say f*** me" moreover its accompanied by actions! hahaha explicit!

LOLS. really laughed my head off.


can spot me anot? :D

after the camp off we went to somewhere to have pratas ~ hahaha. forgot whr it is already. guess there's still 11 of us! with the SLs and Sbs.

going to rain soon and we walked back to the Mac opposite ngee ann! there was lots of NP campers there and we were making a din. LOL. i think the staff there wrote a complaint letter to ngee ann i guess. hahaha.

anyways, slacked and chatted there till 11pm! lots of new scandals coming up. hahaha. and the guys were like discussing which freshie to "shoot" "shag" and "marry" LOL. its ok if you dont understand. hahahaa.

&& the coolest thing is that in our group, 8 or 9 of us lived in/near yishun! LOL. damn funny. so when they ask where to go for outing we kept on saying "YISHUN". LOL. anyways, its pretty late by then and all of us shared a cab home! :D

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