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i've just checked my calender.. and i realised that im so so so packed! and YET i can do nothing about it! thinking about it just makes me go arghhh.

you see,.. i've took off on Sunday to (preferably) have my hair dyed and maybe do some shopping and stuffs. i need a RED top for my orientation camp!

and again,.. i've took off for next tuesday wednesday and friday as im having my business school's orientation camp for consecutive three days! (and im damn paiseh cause supposedly, i can only take ONE day off per week!)

but the againn... friday's my darling's birthday! and saturday my friend has a BBQ going on. AHH what should i do ?!~ i cant take anymore off days already. and yet im always pangsehing during my friend's birthdayyy. gosh im so bad !


&& btw.. maybe my boss is gonna buy some phones in China and sell them to me and Yana~ ahahah yana's the full timer working at OffRoads Cafe now! She's 24 but she looks like my age as well! hahahaa.

ohya anyways, back to the phone, although its a CHINA phone, but its super mini ! touchscreen with a in-built camera. wahahahha. and it costs just 100 bucks ! buy for fun also can!

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