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Ghetto Rap 4 outing !

hehs, met up with the yishun gang of ghetto rap and headed to marina together! planned to bowl. hahah. had lunch at kopitiam before making our way to the bowling alley! didnt really fancy bowling, but since others were playing, i just played two rounds!

i forgot to cut my nails! but dont worry, my nails didnt came off okay! hahaha i just know someone mentioned about nailcutters and i went to the counter to borrow! hahaha.

wasnt really up to my standard, and it was a year plus ever since i bowled! (i always play pool you see) hehs. and my results are like .______. hahaha

these group of peeps are so funny! from the second round onwards, they started playing stunts. LOL. but mostly went down the longkang. hahaha. by then, it was 5 plus already! went over to the arcade and slackk.

well, cause damien and jack are going off at 6! it just struck us so last min to catch a movie. hahaha. wanted to play pool! but its like so exp. sighh! anyways... watched "the Shinjuku incident" ! shall do its review in a post later. but its nice ! worth your money. hahaha

its mostly about gangs and triads, and so when we went to the washroom after the movie, somebody accidentally banged into yongxiang at the entrance there laa. so this guy continued to walk to the the toilet, and suddenly turned back!

so he was like saying : " eh boy you from where one?! " LOL.

while some went home after that, some of the others who stayed later when to have a round of true and true again at starbucks! ahahaha.


ahhhh, its like finallly ! the day when everybody gets kicked off into the schooling mode! and since there's no tutorials and workshops in the first week, i only have to reach school at 1pm. including today! ahahaha.

im glad that i did brought my lappy along. cause all along i thought the tables (those chairs attached with tables by the side) would be too small for a lapppy! but i just brought along. hahaha. who knows there ARE tables ! hahah.

sorry ah, i thought it would be like the LT which we had in CCHY back then! hahahaha. lectures were fun and boring at the same time. hahaha. there was so many crude jokes ! like omg la.

and there was this video about marketing featuring a bank! its damn funnnny! ok i describe to you.

- one group of security guards watching the vid cameras behind scene
- then one group robbers trying hard to open a lock (put anxious background music)
- lock opened, safe opened, then the robber said "what kind of bank is this? no money ONLY YOGHURT!"

- robber A then said "eh, might as well we eat it"
- after finishing, robber B then say "ahhh, not too bad"

then you know what bank is it? ITS SPERM BANK !! HAHAHAHAHAHA. everyone in the lecture was like laughing away! damn ewwww. LOL.

hahaha anyway, since its the first day of school and im passing by bukit batok, asked zhiyan and maorong out for dinner! hahaha. it kinds of irritate me a lil when bus 61 is always packed and i always cant get up the bus. LOL. that includes today.

anyway anyway, went to dinner at mayim ! was so hungryyy, cause i didnt even have time to eat breakfast that morning. but kept coughing away so.... din ate much also. wahahaha.

although its just a 3hour lecture (which ltr became 4hrs), i felt that i learnt alot! wahahaha. cause i can understand what these two business guys are talking about. hahaha! im a clever girl! :D:D:D:D

and since its still early... we went to somewhere (which i forgot where) for pooling! hahaha so long din pool alr! played like 4 rounds before going offff. thanks guys for the dinner and pool treat! hahaha. meet up soon after ur exams :D

and when i got homee,.. i was so tired that i slept like SO EARLY! first time in the past 5months or so that i slept at 12! first time okayyyy. hahahaha.

and this pict was taken today ! :D in the lecture. big group right! and this is just half the number of people in my course. hahaha ! lecture was fine, at least i didnt fell asleep.

partly cause i was blogging with my hands, listening to music with my right ears and listening to his lecture with my left ear! HAHAHAHA. im so good at multi-tasking !!!

anyways, since he finished early, we went off early! so its like, i only have 1 and 1/2hr of school today ! LOL. collected S&W tees, went to CCA fiesta, walk walk and went home! thanks to sherlyn for her books!

OK thats about it. HAHAHA. im going to bathe! and later i wanna go buy chicken rice eat ! wahahahaha. tomorrow i have lessons at 9am !

school has started for two days and im still in the holidaying moood! partly cause our classes have yet to settle down and everything. hahah. ok laa tataaaa. im so tired!

&& i went to the doc for a second time ytd and now i have ALOTTTTT of medicines to eat! gahhh!

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