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early in the morning woke up and my boss texted me to say that i need not report for work today! hahaha its like awesomeee. cause ama darl's birthday is today and i feel real bad if i dont go as well.

heh heh. called emi dearie and they said they sort of have a plan. like cheat her come out watch one movie then ask her go home, say we tired and etc etc. LOL. and since i cant make it in time for the movie, decided to join them later :D

met up with emily, clarrie and weitien at northpoint, bought cake and stuffs before rushing over to ama house! we wanted to have a surprise for her ma, something liddat, and we're so afraid that she might go out with her family members or something. hahaha.

so off we went to the playground just behind her house! started off by hiding the presents at the playground, and started sticking 17 pieces of paper all the way to her doorstep, so as to lead her here. hahaha

bought some candles and we arranged a number "17" inside a heart. hahaha. a nearby kid still say we're burning the playground LOL.

we're almost done and we texted ama darl out! hahaha. that was when we gave her hint alr. cause i smsed something like "darl ah, slowly walk out ok" hahahah.

ama can you see yourselffffff? hahaha

we went hiding at the 2nd floor of the HDB block!

yes yes you're at the lamp post examining the paper. hahaha

too bad we cant see her expression when she sees the candles and stuffs. hahaha. surprised enough? :DDD

the candles also melted !

then we were saying : ama why u take so longgg! hahaha

and the birthday girl has to blow them out !

unwrapping the presents! and ama has to wear/take the presents and do a sexy catwalk down the playground LOL.

next up she would have to do a dance that we demostrated!
hahaha poor darling.

the evil masterminds !

by then, we were waiting for the pizzahut delivery to arrive ! its super funny lorr. cause we ordered the pizza and they said they'd arrive around 7.40 i think. wait until 8.15 and still no delivery man in sight!

so we made alot calls to pizzahut complaining HAHAHA. its damn funny! then when they picked up the call weitien goes " EH WHERE'S MY PIZZA?!?!?! " LOL.

guess we made around 5 or 6 calls back! then we started joking around..

we were like saying "ehh, what if the deliveryman buang into car halfway? then he'll be very pityful you knoww. like whole person covered in blood, die also must deliver the pizza here" LOL

and guess what, the next moment we hear the ambulance siren going
" EEE ORHH EE ORHH" LOL. all of us burst out laughing lorr. HAHAHAHA.

the already-cold pizza finally arrived after soooo long ! and edward was like saying that we could actually call back to pizzahut say its not hot already, and then they'll deliver another pizza for free. LOL. and of course, we called back laa HAHAHHAA.

and cause we thought they'll just deliver ONE small pizza, edward lied on the phone saying there's like eight people around there. purpose is to hint them laaa. hahaha. this time round the pizza arrived super fast!

and the greatest thing is that they delivered TWO regular sized pizza! and edward was like saying its piping hot !

looooook ! compare it to the pizza in the previous photo. hahaha. so in the end we had 4 pizzas instead of 2 ! almost burst our belllly! then this time edward was saying pizzahut is so scheming. deliver so much until we cant finish them ! (there's only 6 of us!)

we look like we're having a picnic just beside the playground! hahahah. ama's mum also brought some chips and drinks down for us! hahaha.

by then, we looked at the birthday cake and we felt so bad for it. cause there's no more space in our tummies for it. LOL. but no choice still have to eat a lil !

tadah ! hahaha. its almost 10.30 by then ! if im right laa. hahaha. cleared the place up and took some pictures ! too bad those pictures are with emily dearie. shall post them once i got it from her! wanted to wait for them but i have lots of pictures lining up behind!

better get them done with else i'll be too lazy to blog. and i'll procrastinate! hahaha. cabbed home tgt with clarrie !


hope you really liked the surprise we've planned for you. else we'll feel so guilty for pangsehing u at northpoint. hahha. Happy 17th birthday once again!

you've been a very special girlfriend of mine over the past few years! although we're heading for different polys now, lets keep in touch okay! hahaha. you're so obsessed with your 60 year old thing! hahaha. by then we'll play mahjong tgt and swallow porridge ok? hahaha.

im gonna miss you lots ! im gonna miss the times we gossip and shared our stuffs, and the times we go out shopping tgt ! you know, its hard to find a shopping khaki who shares the same taste of clothes ! hahaha. i know you're gonna feel that way too, sooooooo.. keep in touch! hahaha

Happy 17th birthday again darling ! i love you ! ♥

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