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and i managed to fool my first victim. HAHAHA. anyway,.. let me share something interesting with u ! hahahha. im sure you guys know BBC world news right? so let me tell you what happened!

On this day in 1957,.. BBC World News Fooled the NATION!

The BBC had broadcasted a documentary about spaghetti CROPS in Switzerland. yes, its the spaghetti you get on your plate when u visit an italian restaurant, the one you always go with the traditonal tomato herb sauce. HAHAHA.

so in this documentary, they featured a family from Ticino in Switzerland carrying out their annual spaghetti harvest. so these women were carefully plucking strands of spaghetti from a tree and laying them in the sun to dry.

HAHAA. so many others were so intrigued by it, that they even called to ask where they could purchase their very own spaghetti bush / grow spaghetti trees ! hahahaha.

and since spaghetti is NOT a windely-eaten food in the UK, it's considered as an exotic delicacy - and that explains why they want to know! so this guy named Mr Dimbleby explained how during the end of March each year is a very anxious time for Spaghetti harvesters all over the world.

and so, he goes on to explain how severe frost can impair the flavour of spaghetti, and how each strand always grow to the SAME LENGTH thanks to years of hardwork by generations of growers. LOOOL

it's like its COMMON SENSE that spaghetti doesnt comes from trees LOL. i practically laughed away when i heard that over the radio station today at work. hahahaha. and so today at work, we were telling the customers buy 1 get 10 free LOOOL.


and by the wayy, met up with my audi mates yesterday evening at plazasing! originally planned to catch a movie tgt, but we ended up having small talk at Mr Bean's as none of the movies were nice. =\

and so as i was making my way there, there was this guy who approached me in the bus and he made a self intro of himself! first time a guy came up to me like that, instead of those usual ones where they'd ask their friends to do it instead.

and... he turned out to be my primary school senior! we used to walk home tgt after school and he lived just a block behind me. hahah. he changed so much! much more gentleman as well. ok this i dont know its real anot. Lol!
and since we were heading the same way, chatted abit and stuffs. and he left his number with me before going off. ah, such a coincidence.

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