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i got sick after 91253798 years !

and i really mean, SICK !

remember about my msn pm where i said im gonna get a sorethroat tmr? and yes indeed it was a sorethroat! a real bad one. woke up with a headache, runny nose and everything, and went to work !

i swear i almost fainted at the shop! even the smell of the cooking oil makes me wanna retch. had no choice but to go buy some sour plums to hold it back. and since my boss see me like im gonna faint anytime, he asked me to go back home at 2pm+ . hehs.

went back home and slept for 3hours straight! still, i was down with a fever ._. went to the doc afterwards ! i think i almost slept for the whole day cause i went to bed at 8pm ! hahahah.

but then again, woke up at midnight, and went back to slp around 2+. alas, im much better now! :D like finally. but still, my sorethroat is still there.

&, the world is really small! i swear! hahaha.
&&, its pretty interesting at work when you're working at your neighborhood!

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