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i guess the picture says it all!

School of BA Orientation Convention!

haha. what a muddlehead i am. was supposed to wake up at 6.30 and i only had 2 hours of sleep! to make matters worse, i set 5 of my alarm clocks to go off at 7.30! which is the time im supposed to meet up with samuel.

hahaha. i kept hanging the phone on him. cause i thought it was my alarm clock LOL. anyways.. what a great day it is to start off with some eye problems. right eye again! something happened to my conjunctiva (a membrane covering the white of our eye).

too bad the clinic wasnt opened yet. in the end, gave up and cabbed to ngee ann. felt so bad cause i was late, and i cant find where they were! meeting place - practically flooded. LOL. && the whole group was waiting for me! LOL.

okay anyway, the day kicked off with some programmes in the convention centre, headed for some bonding games, lunch, and some activities. (: our group was quite hilarious i would say. when we had nothing to do, we usually come up with lame games and went disturbing other groups LOL.

bahh went off at around 4! was pretty glad our SBs were great :D those super high kind. and and im gonna make you girls jealous by saying there's LOTS of eye candies around! hahaha.

anyways,.. went to plaza sing to meet up with bobo, ash, sy and ahgong. audi mates again. hahaa. had a chill out around. and it happens that SP were sort of having an amazing race around that area. then bobo and i were like saying "how come like no cute guys one ah" LOL.

had some coffee (nope i dont drink coffee) at starbucks while waiting for night to come. wanted to go somewhere else and since im the only one who has a curfew, they decided to go somewhere near to yishun. hahahha.

ahgong (not my grandpa la!) drives ma. hahaha. i love lorry rides! okay thats outta point. went to sembawang park there but the cafe was closed. so ended up going to chongpang nasi lemak there for supper! heh heh.

continued talking and chatting till around 10.30 before we decided to leave! met weeseng there btw. hehs. gotta thank ahgong lots cause he drove me home! felt damn paiseh ! specially drove from town to yishun so that i could stay out abit later. :D

&& as for today... skipped the camp. :x wasnt feeling good in the morning and also.. my leg again laa. im aint supposed to wear covered shoes as it worsens the condition and tadahh.. wore covered shoes for the whole of ytd. and as expected la! my few months of hardwork down the drain again. ):


went downstairs to hang out at Offroads cafe today. since im not working! my boss hired a new full-timer. since the prev one decided to quit. heh.

and so when my boss saw me, he said : "eh just now your boyfriendS came finding you leh"

LOL. so it turned out to be a group of guys who frequented the cafe and they bugged my boss for my hp number LOL. and he was like saying those guys were like asking why im not working today and stuffs. lolol.

going back to ngee ann tmr!

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