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hahaha. no more photoshopping of pictures to make them look BROWN! hahaha.

well actually, it didnt really turned out to be the color i want to be, but close enough laa. :D its LIGHT golden-brown i would say. under the light it seems to be GOLD in color! originally i wanted something like not too red/gold under the light but still.... its too light!

hahaha. but outcome not bad laa. :D overall still liked it. (: met up with darling today and she said i looked real different. and im still not really used to it LOL. and sometimes i'd say its like orangey ! you see, as i type, i need to keep on looking at the mirror! else i cant describe it.

i guess the whole hairdyeing + treatment + haircut cost me about 69 bucks. (& its only 1 and a half hour ! ) im so worried that my hair would be damaged/turn dry after hair coloring - like what my other friends complained of, and so i bought a bottle of moisturizerrr. hahahaha


oh and i was saying i went out with ama darling. decided to go Jurong Point walk walk. felt real bad cause we didnt go to AJC carnival. it was over by then. ): anywayy, we did managed to spot a shop selling all kinds of clothes from TAIWAN SPREES !

you see, my darling and I blogshop often and we could recognise all the clothes! hahaha. and the best of all is, they're cheaper than what it would cost us if we were to buy them from a blogshop. heh heh. happy happpy. ~

and so... i did mentioned that my mum was against the idea of me coloring my hair right? i didnt inform her that i was doing it today and in fact, she doesnt knows that i had a day off! so just as i was rushing home...... I MET HER AT THE LIFT LOBBBBBBY.

its like "shyt, i havent think of what to tell her" . LOL. no choice since she saw me already, i just say blah blah blah and so on. luckily i just got nagged at a while. HAHAHA.

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