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and i really dont know why i have to wear RED for three days!

you see, the other time when i had red camp 5 at ngee ann, i was to wear YELLOW for three days! so off i went to far east to get some yellow tees. and now its RED ! ahhhhh.

and since im working, i dont really have much time to go town to get them. and i dont wanna turn up in those red NDP tees ! like zomg ! and so after work today.... went to northpoint to hunt red tees. cant really find any i fancy, and decide to settle for a halter neck out of desperation.

but stilll....... i dont feel like wearing that leh! shyt shyt. cause im supposed to turn up in covered shoes and... i think i'll look weird. be it its a tee or what. ahhh. okay la, post tmr when i reach home!

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