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IM BACK TO BLOG! hahahah. actually i've did quite a few drafts for my blog, but then its all drafts! didnt post it, which makes my blog look dead! hahah. anyways, words of caution beforehand, this is gonna be a wordy post!

anyways, school have been great so far! and the more surprisinging is that i actually enjoyed and LIKED most of my modules which im taking this semester! well, i would say the credit goes to the lecturer or tutor! cause some are really funnny!

OBSE and BCOM - both my obse and bcom lecturers / tutor are the same! and the great thing is that he is really darn cute and funny! eh, cute as in the way he talks and everything. hahaha. he's always so random! the other day while im at lecture, he suddenly got all of us to stand up and do a "teh tarik" action and laugh!

and since my lappy was on my lap, i was like " OMG. is he for real? ". and he even did a demo for us, which sent everyone of us into fits of laughter. LOL. and the other day while at tutorial, he started saying stuffs like going hiking or something.

and since i was blogshopping away, i went "HUH?! What did he say again?" LOL. really, my whole class laughed .__. cause everyone thought he was joking and he was always so random! who knows he's serious ! talked about duno going toh payoh(?!?!) to hike or something .___. hahaha. he really IS SERIOUS!!

OBSE and BCOM hence became enjoyable modules !

hmmms, since i have too much to blog about, i shall mention about what happened today!

was to reach school at 8am! wanteds to meet friends 6.50am at woodlands, but in the end, i WOKE up at 6.50 ! was too tired the previous night and i fell asleep while setting the alarm clock .____.

and since i was meeting other classmates in school, i was late for it as well! felt real bad, cause we were supposed to choose what we wanted to do for Sports & Wellness. there were lots of activities, ranging from hiphop to swimming. (its sort of like PE lah)

it was on a first come first served basis. and of course, by the time we reached there isnt much left. no more hiphop ! ): but was pretty glad cause there's still dancesports ! no idea what dancesports is? nvm i shall tell you later. HAHAA.

S&W was supposedly to end at 9am. and since briefing was well over and done with, we were allowed to go for breakfast at 7.45am! heh heh. you see, its so slack!

went over to Makan Place to eat! heard that this canteen is pretty new and its airconditioned. it doesnt looks like a canteen lorr.

instead its very much like those foodcourts you get in novena square or wisma! hahaha. and, food is VERY cheap! serious! hahaha. went off for lessons again at 9!

this time is Creative Applied Thinking Skills workshop, i would say. it seems like everyone is scattered everywhere! it is only till later that i know that everyone in the class came from different schools! some engineering, some biomedical.. etc etc laa.

i like our lecturer for CATS! i dont know what's about her or her lesson, but it managed to catch my attention. HAHAHA. so basically i din really use my lappy to surf or anything. i like her teaching! :D :D so this module seems interesting also. HAHAHA

the best thing is, she allow us to have snacks / drink in class, and let us listen to music if we're working in small groups! and two hours passed just like that. hahahaha. see, time is passing so fast!

&& its surprising how i dont get sleepy easily like how i was back then in secondary schools. one hour of lesson is already enough to KO me! my sec classmates can be my testimonies. HAHAHA. and now in poly, 2hours seemed like a breeze! this is fabulous or what? hahaha!

anyway,.. went home early! have been juggling between work and studies these few days. make me so worn out! i actually fell asleep at work ytd evening. hahahaha. and luckily my boss said i need not go today! (but i still worked for 1hr during peak period) hahaha.

i trimmed my own fringe at home today! im so proud HAHAHA. and finally, i managed to catch some nap. (:


well cca fiesta was during the first two days of school. and since it was a whole-day event, dropped by during the second day. guess what im joining as my main cca?! :D

its DANCESPORTS! hahah. there's a story behind it you know, let me tell you HAHAHA.

back then when i just graduated from cchy and attended RedCamp, i was pretty determined to join NRA (New Revolution Age) a pretty strong hiphop group in Ngee Ann. their performances and everything makes me feel very interested!

and what exactly is DanceSports? In a nutshell, its Ballroom dancing lah! i guess my closer friends back then in cchy would know that i have a lil interest in it. i even went to my neighborhood CC to scout for lessons! (but i always missed the application date!)

back then, dancesports came second in the list. and it was only till a week or so ago that i went youtubing! searched up on NRA and NP Dancesports. and it just dawned on me that NRA is such a BIG group! the stage is practically flooded when everyone came up tgt.

besides, everyone seemed strong in their basics. BBoy and etc. after some serious thinking i still think it doesnt really suit me. cause i dont have these basics! (okok i know i can learn but thats beside the point). so, yea :D

and then, i started youtubing about NPDS! and surprisingly, their group is pretty strong too! and also.. i know quite a few people inside! bumped into zixiang that day at NP and he's also from dancesports! and la la la, blah blah blah, i signed up for dancesports!

cant wait for the trial session or whatever to start! i'll get to learn Latin dances, samba, rumba, paso doble, The Jive and others! :D:D and there's this girl in my class who signed up for it too! :D i have company!

hahaha. ok i think i shall end abruptly here. HEH HEH. im going to JB next friday! woohoooo. shopshopshopppp. and i've been blogshopping alot these few days.

** and and, i seriously hate it when people starts prying into your privacy man. you see, i was writing the draft for my blog while im on the train (to keep me from falling alseep). and there was this BUTCH who sat down beside me.

at first i thought its a girl. i saw her school skirt lah. then when she sat down, she kept on looking over to what i was typing. i was so tempted to write "LOOK ENOUGH ALR?" while typing my drafts. HAHAHA.

and ohya, when i turned my head, she looks so much like a boy lah! seriously! anyway, i guess she's like 17 or what. around my age or something.

*** AND, today IS a weird day.

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